Posets and planar graphs


Usually dimension should be an integer valued parameter. We introduce a refined version of dimension for graphs, which can assume a value t 1 l t Š, thought to be between t 1 and t. We have the following two results: (a) a graph is outerplanar if and only if its dimension is at most 2 l 3Š. This characterization of outerplanar graphs is closely related to the celebrated result of W. Schnyder [16] who proved that a graph is planar if and only if its dimension is at most 3. (b) The largest n for which the dimension of the complete graph K n is at most t 1 l t Š is the number of antichains in the lattice of all subsets of a set of size t 2. Accordingly, the refined dimension problem for complete graphs is equivalent to the classical combinatorial problem known as Dedekind’s problem. This result extends work of Ho¸sten and Morris [14]. The main results are enriched b

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