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O(n) Spin Systems- Some General Properties: A Generalized Mermin-Wagner-Coleman Theorem, Ground States, Peierls Bounds, and Dynamics

By Z. Nussinov


Here we examine O(n) systems with arbitrary two spin interactions (of unspecified range) within a general framework. We shall focus on translationally invariant interactions. In the this case, we determine the ground states of the $O(n \ge 2)$ systems. We further illustrate how one may establish Peierls bounds for many Ising systems with long range interactions. We study the effect of thermal fluctuations on the ground states and derive the corresponding fluctuation integrals. The study of the thermal fluctuation spectra will lead us to discover a very interesting odd-even $n$ (coupling-decoupling) effect. We will prove a generalized Mermin-Wagner-Coleman (integral divergence) theorem for all translationally invariant interactions in two dimensions with an analytic kernel in momentum space. We will show that many three dimensional systems have smectic like thermodynamics. We will examine the topology of the ground state manifolds for both translationally invariant and spin glass systems. We conclude with a discussion of O(n) spin dynamics in the general case

Topics: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Year: 2001
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