On the Interaction of Object-Oriented Design Patterns and Programming Languages


Design patterns are distilled from many real systems to catalog common programming practice. We have analyzed several published design patterns and looked for patterns of working around constraints of the implementation language. Some object-oriented design patterns are distorted or overly complicated because of the lack of supporting language constructs or mechanisms. We lay a groundwork of generalpurpose language constructs and mechanisms that, if provided by a statically typed, object-oriented language, would better support the implementation of design patterns and, thus, benefit the construction of many real systems. In particular, our catalog of language constructs includes subtyping separate from inheritance, lexically scoped closure objects independent of classes, and multimethod dispatch. The proposed constructs and mechanisms are not radically new, but rather are adopted from a variety of languages and combined in a new, orthogonal manner. We argue that by describing design pa..

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