Efficient Fourier Synthesis Of Nonstationary Sinusoids


This paper discusses an additional signal processing procedure for use in a recently proposed frequencydomain additive synthesizer [1, 2]. The overlap-add approach used in the frequency-domain synthesis can result in amplitude modulation in the overlap region between successive time frames if the partial frequencies in those frames are significantly different. A new method is proposed in which sinusoids of linearly time-varying frequency (chirps) are used to accommodate the frame-to-frame frequency changes. 1. INTRODUCTION In analysis-based synthesis, the synthesis is driven by a set of analysis parameters that describe the time evolution of the input signal. For additive music synthesis, these parameters typically include the amplitude, frequency, and phase of each sinusoidal component or partial of the input. A time-domain synthesizer uses these parameter tracks as control inputs to a bank of oscillators whose respective outputs are accumulated to generate the final output; this met..

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