Estudio sobre el funcionamiento de un NMS, comparación de alternativas y pruebas de sus capacidades


The network management is known as the process of management and device performance control of a computers network. Failure analysis, network performance management and service performance management are tasks which are included in this discipline. The employed applications for this use are known as network management system(which acronym is NMS). An NMS is a program, or an set of those, which possibilities the managers to control the individual components of a network and apply modifications on them, so network performance remains stable and good quality services can be executed. They can be used for both software and hardware monitoring, indistinctly, and makes the management centralization easier, avoiding settings and collecting information of every single network element (which could be at kilometers of distance from one to another), because is done by the software. This means that only the usage of the computer executing the NMS is needed, removing the network's size as a management limiter. The objectives of this work are the development of a review of the fundamental concepts of the NMS, the investigation of the current state of this type of software through its commercial alternatives, a complete deployment of one of them, which will demonstrate both its highly valuable usefulness and versatility that are present in this kind of network tools, and another minor deployment, with the purpose of the comparison. The methodology used will consist of a complete investigation of the topic and analysis of the alternatives, then OpManager will be used for the deployment, using a Windows computer and another one with Linux (CentOS), which will be completed with the test of use of a custom script whose operation will demonstrate up to what point can these tools be used. It will be followed by a small deployment of PandoraFMS, another NMS of current use, to make a comparison and finally the conclusions will be presented

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