Implementation of an Competent Fixed Field Calculative Unit in Cryptography


Cryptography is not the only means of providing information and network security, but rather one set of techniques. The most critical component of an elliptic curve processor is its arithmetic unit. Typical arithmetic unit includes an adder or subtractor, multiplier, squarer and an inverter. In this paper, we propose, an efficient finite field arithmetic unit using elliptic curve cryptographic method, which is used in most of the cryptographic applications to compute arithmetic operations. Addition operation is done with one n-bit XOR operation, for squaring operation LSB firstsquaring method is used and extended euclidean algorithm for inversion operation. We also present the comparison of two methods Karatsuba and Montgomery, which are used for multiplication operation and among them Karatsuba method is used because of its efficiency. These operations implemented on FPGA Spartan3 tool and simulated using VHDL on Xilinx Isim simulator

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This paper was published in MAT Journals.

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