NMR Study on La and Tl-based High-T_c Cuprates (High Field Superconductors)


application/pdfNMR study on three types of high-T_C cuprates TlBa_2CaCu_2O_ (Tl1212), La_Ba_xCuO_4 (LBCO) and (La_Y_y)_Ce_xCuO_4 (LYCCO) is reported. First the Knight shift in the superconducting state was investigated for the Zn-substituted TlBa_2Ca(Cu_Zn_z)_2O_, which belongs to the over-doped region. The temperature dependence of the Knight shift was successfully explained in terms of the partially closed d-wave model proposed by Kitaoka et al. The reduction in T_C by Zn-substitution was also consistent with Miyake's theoretical calculation on the potential scattering of the unitarity limit in the d-wave superconductors. Next, the impurity effect on the anomalous suppression of the superconductivity in La_Ba_xCuO_4 (LBCO) around x≅1/8 was investigated by La-NMR and ultrasonic measurements. The transition temperatures of the magnetic order and of the structural phase transformation in Zn^ and Ce^-doped LBCO have shown that the main and direct force to the suppression in the superconductivity is the magnetic ordering, and that the role of the structural phase transformation is the enhancement of the suppression. Lastly, the new electron doped cuprate free from 4f-spins has been synthesized and studied by NMR. Observed spectra of ^Cu without quadrupolar splitting similar to other conventional electron-doped cuprates indicate that the doped carrier in this system is electron like.紀要類(bulletin)1381625 bytesdepartmental bulletin pape

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