Reconstruction of Natural Scenes from Ensemble Responses in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus


critical test of our understanding of sensory coding, however, is to take an opposite approach: to reconstruct sensory inputs from recorded neuronal responses. The decoding approach can provide an objective assessment of what and how much information is available in the neuronal responses. Although the f unction of the brain is not necessarily to reconstruct sensory inputs faithfully, these studies may lead to new insights into the f unctions of neuronal circuits in sensory processing (Rieke et al., 1997). The decoding approach has been used to study several sensory systems (Bialek et al., 1991; Theunissen and Miller, 1991; Rieke et al., 1993, 1997; Roddey and Jacobs, 1996; Warland et al., 1997; Dan et al., 1998). Most of these studies aimed to reconstruct temporal signals from the response of a single neuron (Bialek et al., 1991; Rieke et al., 1993, 1995; Roddey and Jacobs, 1996) or a small number of neurons (Warland et al., 1997). An important challenge in understanding the mammali

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