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Fermi surface nesting and magnetic structure of ErGa3

By M. Biasini, G. Ferro, G. Kontrym-Sznajd and A. Czopnik


A three dimensional mapping of the Fermi Surface (FS) of the rare-earth compound ErGa3 was determined via measurements of the angular correlation of the electron-positron annihilation radiation. The topology of the electronlike FS does show nesting properties which are consistent with the modulated antiferromagnetic structure of the system. We determine the density of states at the Fermi energy N(EF) and the electronic contribution to the gamma constant to be N(EF)=16 states/Ryd/cell and gamma=2.7 (mJ/mole K^2), respectively. Densities rho(k) of ErGa3 and TmGa3 in the kz=0 and kz=pi/a plane of the Brillouin zone reconstructed from 2D ACAR data. The arrow highlights the nesting feature attributed to TmGa3 and ErGa3 (left and right sides, respectivelty)

Topics: Condensed Matter - Materials Science
Publisher: 'American Physical Society (APS)'
Year: 2002
DOI identifier: 10.1103/PhysRevB.66.075126
OAI identifier:

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