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Magrath Store News (October 29, 1948)

By Magrath Trading Store


An archive of the Magrath Trading Store News.The University of Lethbridge Library received permission from the Wes Balderson to digitize and display this content.FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 194-8. STORE HOURS: 8, to 6 p.m. Wed. 8 1 p.m. Sat, 8 to 7 p.m. TLEPHONE NOS. Office 21; Hardware 34» Dry Goods 4r3; Groceries 4x2. MAGRATH TRADING CO. LTD. Magrath, Alberta. BATTERIES for Winter Enjoyment. FLASHLIGHTS VOLT&I - -----Dry A; A1300 AIR CELL EVEREADY No. 748 Battery Pack @ $9.95 MINMIX PACK, smaller in size but has the same number of hours au the 748, EVEREADY Hot Shot, Telephone, Na. 6 Dry Cell BATTERIES. See us for your Battery Needs. Hardware Dept, phone 34. MAGRATH TRADING CO. LTD. COWBOYS here’s a low-type ROPER SAEBL @ ,'f)169 • 50 , heavy wool lining, deuble rigging that will prevent the saddle from slipping. Semi-Mexican horn, Basketweave stamp pattern. It-.'s a Saddle fellows that you'll be proud to own. HARDWARE DEPARTMENT .. RAY-0-VAC is rubber covered to absorb the shock if dropped, 11.75 DURO-LITE, the rugged flash­light with the spare bulb chamber. $1.50 FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES EVEREADY extra long life. They're dated. RAY-O-VAC 1. Stay fresh 2. Are guaranteed 3. Deliver more light in actual use. Chn»me-bilt. 150 each ECONOMY FLASHLIGHT LANTERN, dual lights: flood and spot lights. Generous size with heavy handle for easy carrying. M.95 Extra batteries No. 50 ............ 80p each Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cook retu' d home Tues­day after visiting his daughter Veva at Calgary, and Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Hood and family at Carstaira............... Mr. & Mrs. Smith Ackroyd were weekend visitors in Great Falls with Mr. & Mrs. Voy Ackroyd, who have a new son, born Oct. 21st............ Mr. & Mrs. Rob Clarke and two girls of Carmangay and Mrs. Edna Lions of Stirling are visiting at the J. C. Robinson home.. OLD MAN WINTER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER — Outfit your son in- a smart ROMPER knitted in var­ious patterns. We also have 2-piece Knitted Suits for the "small fry", Saturday night, Kay Passey, his cousin Miss Olene Coleman and friend Miss Melba Briggs arrived from Rexburg, Idaho to visit at the home of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Passey............... Ken Coleman left Sunday for Salt Lake City, Utah.... FOR THE YOUNGSTERS Dark colored Cardigans Fancy Pullovers with button shoulder. Fancy Cardigans in pastel shades. Sizes; 4 to 8 Ladies Ready-to- wear Dept. 2nd Floor, BUILDING THE MAN We are all blind until we see That in the Master's plan Nothing is worth building Unless we build the man. Why build these cities glorious While man unbuilded goes. We cannot build a world, unless The builder also grows. ..........Edwin Markham DRESSES WHY NOT CHOOSE YOUR CHRISTMAS DRESS' ...NOW. REMEMBER the Story of the Early Bird ??? g. We have a lovely selection m Plaid Wools and rich Crepes in the season's want ed colors. Sizes 11 to 44. Prices range from $9.95 to $23.95 MAGRATH TRADING CO. "A good piace to Trade." Miss LaVerne Harris has returned from Calgary after completing a business course, she has taken up employment at Tanner's Building Supplies.... Mrs. Nellie Ririe and Mrs. Lisadore Crooksoon arrived home on Sunday from California. REMEMBER THE BLOOD DONORS CLINIC at the UNITED CHURCH HALL, NOVEMBER 4th. it will only take a minute of your time, five your blood that others may live. Enroll now. Mesdames Fern Cook, Grace Si±cridan, Eda Kosma, Elva Harker, Annie Hillmer, Sophie Ganske,- Mae Passey, Ethel Henderson, Melba Hindley, Arvilla Passey and Miss Vilda Matson enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. Minnie Olmstead, when they met to honor Mrs. Hindley, the occasion being her birthday. The hostess assisted by Miss Matson served a very delicious • lunch. Mrs. Hindley was the recipient of lovely giftsJ PYJAj'aS Ladies Floral ard Plain Flanelette. In pink and Blue. Sizes-small, medium and large. 3.50 to .'3.95 NIGHTIES Made of warm flanelette to keep you warm and cozy these cool days. In sizes medium, small, or large. In pretty floral patterns. -2.25 to 3.50. Mr. & Mrs. Hosmer Dudley and daughters of Cardston were in Magrath, Tuesday; prior to their moving to Washington (near Walla Walla). While here they visit­ed his daughter, Mrs. Bernice Woolley................. Trushay 49 d Olive Oil Hand Cream............ .. .65$ Jergens 29tf Hinds Honey and almond.... ...49t TONI HOME PERMuw-IENTS............................. 2.50 Dry Goods Refills.... ........................................... 1.25 Dep't. Magrath Trading Co BRIEFS. in small, medium or large. Tearose or white. 1.00 Also Bloomers in rayon knit. Email, medium, or large. 1.25 Ltd. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Carl Poulsen wish to thank their relatives and friends for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement. Mrs. ’ . Poulsen and family. Mr. Soren Anderson returned home this weekend after a 4-month visit with their daughter, Mrs. Lonnie Ruibert and Mr. Ruibert of Eugene, Oregon............. Be prepared to In small keep warm anc medium, or comfy these fall large. Sat­days. Made from in stripe cotton and wool rayon knit. knit. In sizes In colors of small, mediun, white and and large. Colors pink. Elas­peach or pint. tic tops. VEST -uYD b: iefs 1!D PANTIES. PANi’IES. 79i -hW S1J9. YOU KNOW HIM! I hate the chap who tries to beat the traffic light; But if he haopens to be me—why, that’s quite all right — I loathe the sarr that in a jam twists out and in; But if I'm sitting at the wheel, I slyly grin. At drivers who lean on their horns, I rave anc shout; / But when some fool gets in my way, I honk him out -- . I grow indignant, at the chance another takes: But I drive sixty miles an hour, and trust nv brakes. I wonder, is it possible they cannot see That traffic laws were made for them, and no; for me? Mr. & Mrs. Jack Jessep and son Jackie of Cutbank Mont, were weekend guests at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Soren Anderson............ Mr. & Mrs. Allen Owens left via plane for Nan­aimo, B.C. on Saturday, they will visit at the Jack Rainbow home.... JUST ARRIVED. , .URR:. j HEEL H.GGER OXFOBflS for NGN Also Men's BASKETBALL SHOES, "Shoe of the Champions," all sizes, 5 to 10, ,6.00 cud -6.50. PATIENTS IN THE MAGRATH MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL this weeke include: Mrs. H. Palmer, Baby Entz (Crystal Spring Colony), and V. P. Hillmer of Del Bonita, ---------- Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Dudley and son Alan left Monday for Phoenix, Arizona to I spend the winter............ Garth Loxtcn of Shaughnessy, Mr. & Mrs. John Bachin, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bullock of Raymond were weekend guests at the George Loxton home. Mrs. Loxton returned to Ray­mond with Mr. & Mrs. Bullock............ .. At the Ben Matkin home, on Sunday, the children and grandchildren, 15 in number, met to honor Mrs. Matkin on her 71th birth­day. A delicious chicken dinner was served and a very pleasant time was had............ Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Harrison are the parents of a daughter, born, Tuesday, Oct. 26th............ CANADIAN RED f'^SS BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICE ------Volub.ury BLOOD DONORS needed. To help save lives in your Community, I When accidents or sickness strike, lives J often depend upon immediate transfusions ' of w’bole blood or plasma. The Canadian I Red Cross Society now supplies entirely FREE OF CHARGE, all blood, plasma, and sterile transfusion equipment used in civ­ilian and veteran's hospitals. Not one penny is charged for one drop of Blood. HOW YOU CAN HELP: If you are between the ages of 18 to 65, enjoying normal health you can be a voluntary blood donor. There is no pain or discomfort in giving blood — it will only take a few minutes of your time. Give your blood that others may live I Enroll now. The Clinic will be Nov. 4th: .. to 5s3O D.m, 6:15 to 7:45 at the United Church Hall. Bovs ■ool Sweaters Figured and striped. Pullovers. sizes 6-16. All colors. •: 2,89- >4.45 Long-jleeve Cotton Knit Boys’Polo Sh^ Men' s ALSO MEN'S SWEAT SHIRT . White and Fleeced -lined. M2.49. Double­breasted Suits hove Arrived. BADMINTON NEWS: Mrs. Winnie Ehlert was elected Secretary of the Club this year. We are having some fine evenings of play but would like more ( numbers uo get started as soon as possible) lights of play:- Oct, 27 & 28th, Nov. 1st, 4th, 10th & 11th, Ken RaiHerson. Rrown with stripes of 2 different. colors. Mr. Jim Neilson of the Ellison Milling ! Co, of Lethbridge accompanied by Mr. J. H. i Millar and Mr. Kent, representatives of ! Millar & Learmonth Insurance Adjustors were business visitors, Tuesday, Fires am. by dirt and rubbish. Keep your fence clean. i Said Mr. Millar "The Ellison people due to cleanliness havenlt had a fire in years. Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Matkin attended a Lions meeting at Bieseker on Monday; also a meet­ing at Bellevue on Tuesday.,.. Mien* s Dep1t. WATSON'S Kangaroo GLOVES ?76ll -2.98 All sizes. STANFIELDS Gray !.'o>l Pound SOCKS. 790. All sizes. HALLOWEExN MASKS / Assorted colo . Some with mustache.................................... .. .19£ Halloween NAPKINS 30 napkins in a pack-? age................................ 20p each. Wednesday evening the local branch-of.- the Red Cross met at the Town Hall with.-- . Pres. C. Si Matkin in-charge. Many busi­ness matters were discussed among them v-as the Blood Donors Clinic to be held at the' United Church Hall, Thursday, Nov. 4th4 between the hours .of 4 to 5 S.-30 and 6:3/5*'to 7s45. Refreshments will be served by the Ladies Aid* Cards are being sent to all previous donors; if you- don't receive a card but want to donate see Mrs. Ireta Matkin, Mrs. Sadie Taylor or Mrs. Esther Toomer, Or come to the United Church on. Novp ^.th.s We need approximately 2g0 goners j A whole rack for'Bargains. Regular price 21.00 now on sale for 1/.95. Large, 40 to 44. .r.- ■ , • , ). G. W. G. Leather Jackets. Genuine Horse-hide. Sizes 36-44. Regular price 22.50, How. -14,95. Dark green, bZdSk and brrwn. PUBLIC SCHOOL- - . A Halloween Party will be held at the Assembly Hall from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the Magrath Public School students on Friday afternoon. The pupils will canvass the town, selling "Shell Cut" tickets and the proceeds will be used in purchasing an intercommunication system fcr the school as well as providing the children with the en­joyable party on Friday, feast years "Shell Out" proceeds were used towards the purch­ase of th.- fine and helpful duplicating machine which we have in the school now. We feel that this idea of gathering tickets on Halloitefen night will keep the pupils from undue mischief. B. R. Sabey. Mr. & Mrs. Bud Strong had as thf-H c'n-his mothei*, Mrs. Strong; Mr. 8. Mrs. G. Le- Gluse and son of Raymond. Point...104...63 x 81.........................?27.50 4 Point...1?,/...72 x 90........................ $32.50 "WABASSO" Slumbertex SHEETS. Hemstitched 72 x 100........................ 49,95 a pair. 10th ANNUAL LIONS CARNIVAL Dec. Thursday5 2nd Friday the 3rd. Mrs. Carrie Webster of Charleston, Utah is visiting at'tile home of Mr. & Mrs. Gsc. Thomson"l#s, Thomson and Mrs. Webster were school-mates...... Mr/'& Mrs. Jim Ririe and' daughter ware visitors Monday from High River.... 1 SHOP NOW FOR GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS.' JUST UNPACKED-----AN ASSORTMENT OF CHINA-WARE Cups & Saucers Salt & Peppers Creams & Sugars Novelty Pitchers Covered Candy Jars ‘ Mustard or Marmalade Jars Devilled Eg Plates, Floral'Candy Jars "Carlton Ware" Assortment. MAGRATH TRADING COMPANY LTD. Hardware Dept. Phone 34. Mrs. Mary Laeworthy was in town on Thursday from Banff. She is not perman­ently located yet,. Mrs. Leeworthy says: "She sold her home here for $2900. If she had that home in Banff she could get ■-(„> ' $15,000.00. ■ ' , . Roy Sheridan’has now found his long lost account book by Vic Hillmer-'s house. FOR FOOTWEAR FOR THE FAMILY Shop at the MAGRATH TRADING CO. LTD. They can outfit 1 EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. From baby to Father. HINTS FOR THE HOMEs- To clean and keep the clothes from stick­ing to the line in winter time,, rub the wire clothesline with a cloth soaked in coal oil. To prevent clothes from freezing to the clothesline rope boil it for half an hour or so in salt water. This will also pre­vent the line from tangling. The clothes­pins should be boiled in salt water too. To remove frost from windows and wind­shields, use the back of a comb. Longer skirts may make a girl look taller, but they won't make a man look longer. NEW ARRIVALS: Ladies Crepe Blouses Girls Plaid Blouses Crape Afternoon Dresses Pumps, Oxfords or Loafers 2nd Floor............... MAGRATH TRADING CO. LTD. Regret for time wasted can become~a" power for good in the time that remains. And the time that remains is time enough if only we do not waste it in useless regretting. ...,The Papyrus TENDER, JUICY, FINE-FLAVORED SIDE BACON •g- lb, 450 RUMP ROAST BEEF; any cut 500 a lb. ROUND STK. ROAST: lean & boneless 550 a lb. CHUCK ROAST BEEF: lean & economical 45*- a lb. PICNIC SHOULDERS I lb. 370 REGULAR HAMS — Sliced...700 Piece....650 VEAL: Filet Steak or Roast, a lb.........550 BLADE E0ASTS VEAL, trimmed, a lb..............450 BREASTS VEAL, boneless for stewing, a lb.450 LOIN PORK CHOPS, a lb.......... 550 FRESH PICNIC S OULDERS, a lb...550 SHOULDER ROASTS: a lb......500 Lion President Eldon Christenson presided at the Lions Club meeting held at the Assembly Hall, Monday, Oct. 25th with thrity members enjoying the very delicious supper served by Mrs. Elva Harker and her assistants, Mrs. Connie Harker and Mrs.'Arvilla Passey. Special guests included Jim McCorkle and Henny Anderson, R. E. Blumel, Mrs. Doreen Passey and Lions Glock and Aldous of Lethbridge, Mr. Blumel spoke on modern education, while Mrs. Doreen Passey entertained those present with a reading. Several piano accordian selections were rendered by Lion Glock. Next meeting the Home & Beautification Contest winner will be announced. Lion Jay Hamilton, Chairman of the Carnival, took charge for the remainder of the evening, The following Lions are chairmans of the designated committees:- Advertising: Max Sabey; Buying: Pingree Tanner; Door Prizes and Games Managers C.S. Matkin; Floor Construction: Ken Balderson; Punch Boards: L* B. Tanner; Raffles! Floyd Toomer; Lunch: Bill Harker; Soft Drinks: Denzil Coleman; Bingo Tables: J.C. Robinson; Dance: Ken Gibb; Decorating: Rondo Robinson; Cloak Room Max Sabey and Girls Bafeket-ball team. It was decided to hold a weekly meeting until after the carnival. Lions Grant and John Robinson are mainly responsible for the beautiful grounds at the Lions Swimming Pool, Lion Grant Crookston due to illness was granted leave of absence. The club requested the secretary Eion J, T. Steele to write Mr. Ralph Thrall manager of the McIntyre Ranching Co., thanking him for the McIntyre Steer (value $100.00 ). The grand prize for the 1948 carnival. Ticket sales. Lion Geo Hamilton was given the green light for a more extended drive than ever before, (Lest you forget it takes a lot of 250 tickets to purchase an operating table that cost $650,00. Only one of the many Lion contributions during the past year. Buy tickets with both hands,’ A worthy cause.) - ----- Lions Carnival will be held Dec. 2nd and 3rd. MOTOR RUGS: Ottawa Valley ------ Pure Wool Patterns: Stewart Caledonia Chaudiere McLean 58 x 70 MacBherson $8.50 "WIZARD" GLASS WAX the new way to clean glass, brass, enamels, etc. 500 a bottle. Try it....you111 love it*. LOSTl A brown sweater with plaid front. Zipper closing. Return to Jerry Hamilton: WANTED: Lead Trumpet Player for Garden City Brass Band. Job for right party. NOTICE: The Canadian Legion is sponsoring a DANCE, NOV. 11th. FOR SALE: A full-sized iron bedstead. Springs & mattress. Phone R309. Mrs. Inez. R. Bennett AT THE PARK THEATRE: this week. TONIGHT: "My Girl Tisa" FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Technicolor "THE PIRATE" starring Judy Garland, Jean Kelly. MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON at 2:30 with Serial "SUPERMAN". MON. & TUES. "KEY LARGO" with Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson and a large cast of popular stars. LOST: A Siamese Cat, cream colored with dark brown feet and brown tips on ears and tail. Blue eyes, and wearing a leather collar. Reward. Apply J. Weir, phone 148r' STRAYED FROM MY PLACE SUNDAY AFTERNOON: 2 white sows weighing approx. 300 #s, and 1 white sow weighing 200#s. Please phone information to Don Gruninger, R312J FOR SALE: Gray Stroller in good condition. Mrs. Vic Gruninger. FOR SALE: Economy Coal Range. Cheap for cash. May be seen at Grant Crookston home. FOR SALE: Beet thining machine, beet cult­ivator for tractor. Matt Schneyder. HALLOWEEN DANCE & COSTUME BALL sponsored by the Mutual, to be held at the Assembly Hall, Oct. 30th. Be sure to attend. FOR SALE: 1 cupboard, cook stove, washstand, small rocking chair, oil stove. Mrs. Emily Hudson. FOR Sa.LE: Bike, used 2 years, Roger Ririe. NOTICE: THE PRESENTATION EEREMONY of the X-RAY MACHINE donated by the Red Cross, assisted by the 1st & 2nd Ward Relief Soc­ieties and the Magrath Atheistic Associat­ion, to the MAGRATH MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL will be held Sunday, OCT. 31st at 8:45 p.m. at the UNITED CHURCH. The Public is cordially invited and a good attendance is requested. C. S. Matkin --—Too many of us want Life, Liberty and Happiness, with not much pursuit. BOYS WHITE SILK BLOUSES that button-on jits, $1.95 . 2nd Floor. MAGRATH TRADING COMPANY LTD. THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS AWAY A mighty monarch in the days of old Made offer of high honor, wealth and gold To one who should produce in form concise A motto for his guidance, terse, yet wise; A precept soothing in his hours forlonn, Yet one that in his prosperous days would warn. Many the maxims sent the king, men say: The one he chose, "This, too, shall pass away." Has some misfortune fallen to your lot? This, too, will pass away, absorb the thought, And wait ----- your waiting will not be in vain, Time gilds with gold the iron links of pain. The dark today leads into light tomorrow; There is no endless joy, no endless sorrow. Only the sunny soul respects its God. Since life is short, we need to make it board; Since life is brief, we need to make it bright; Then keep the old king1s motto well in ! sight, And let its meaning permeate each day Whatever comes --- "This, too, shall pass away." --------Ella Wheeler Wilcox Miss Edna Mae Harris entertained at a :Trousseau Tea, Wednesday afternoon at the jhome of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ervin I Harris. She displayed many lovely linens and hand-work, after which a delicious lunch was served. About fifty friends and rel­atives called. Mrs. Ruby Ririe and daughter Marianne and Mr. & Mrs. Shelton Ririe returned Sunday after motoring as far south as California and returning via Utah. Los Angeles( the city of millions), Marianne did the driving. While there Ruby met several groups of Can­adians-----none were very happy over their move (even though wages are higher) most 1 prefer to be back in Canada. The biggest jercent of California's population is made ip of Phillppinoes, Mexicans, Hawaiius. and foreigners. Mrs. Ririe and party were *one two weeks. CHILDREN'S BLAZERS , Wine, green or navy....with smart i braid and gold button trim. Sizes: 3, 4, 5 yrs....$5.95. Sizes: 7, S, 10 "..........$6.95 (These will take the place of Sweater for School; or for a coat when the days are too warm.) 2nd Floor MAGRATH TRADING CO. LTD.A. TRADING COMPANY LTD. Magrath, Alberta. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 1948. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1948. »••■•••••••••«« ••••« • • • • ••••• ••••• ••••;*££*••• SYRUP LILY WHITE, 2 lbs. 330 a tin ROGERS' GOLDEN, 5# 670 a tin MAPLE SYRUP, 620 a bottle KARO, 5#....870 ' TRA BLUE RIBBON, 1 lb. tin 23^ CALUMET, 1 lb. tin 260 MAGIC, 2-^ tin 730 " I NABOB,' per lb. 980 BLUE RIBBON, per lb. 980 LIPTON'S 6'0 Tea Bags 750 CHRISTMAS CAKE NURDS NOW! WE HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK OF GLACED CHERRIES, 6 oz.,.......................370 MIXED PEEL, per pkg................................ 230 WALNUTS, per lb..........................................930 ALMONDS, per lb.......................................... 780 FRUIT CAKE MIX, per pkg......................... 250 FLAVORINGS, ETC. , BLACK CURRANTS, per lb..........................290 DATES, pitted, 2: lbe.......................... 430 RAlSINSs- Brown, 2 lbs. for...............420 Bleached, Sultanas, a lb. ..290 HALLOWE'EN APPL IS McINTOSH: 138 & larger..........$3.25 163's...........................$2.98 LUNCH COUNTER SPECIAL Saturday, Oct. 30th "CHOP SUEY and ROLL" ............ 350 (DELICIOUS, due this week). CARROTS CELERY 30 a lb, 120 a lb. ORANGES:, med. a doz............... ....370 CABBAGE LETTUCE GRAPEFRUIT, 5 for................. .. . ....270 30 a lb. 120 a head LEMON'S, 300's, per doz.... ....490 ONIONS SPUDS: BANANAS, 2 lbs. for................. ....410 60 a lb. 9 lbs. for 250 0X0 CUBES for gravies, etc............ ...............270 1 "BRAZILIAN" LEATHER SHOE DYE: Black or Brown "IT" WHITE SHOE POLISH...................................... 230 300 a bottle

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