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Hydrothermal Syntheses, Structure, Characterization, and Structure-Property Relationships of New Mixed Metal Fluorides

By Sun Woo 1980- Kim


Mixed-metal fluoride materials are of significant interest attributable to their important physical properties such as magnetic frustration, multiferroicity, ferroelectricity, magnetoelectricity, and non-linear optical behavior. Although a variety of synthetic strategies are known, it still remains a challenge to synthesize new mixed metal fluoride materials. The aim of this research was to synthesize new multiferroic mixed metal fluoride materials, especially materials containing mixed valence ion (Fe2+/Fe3+, Mn2+/Mn3+) with geometrical or magnetic frustration and investigate the possibility of electronic ferroelectricity or magnetic ferroelectricity as well as their functional properties. In this dissertation, I report on the hydrothermal syntheses, crystal structures, characterizations, and physical properties, and their structure-property relationships in new mixed-metal fluorides.Chemistry, Department o

Topics: Fluoride, Mixed Valence, Crystal structures, Structure-property relationships
Publisher: 'Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)'
Year: 2017
DOI identifier: 10.1039/C2SC00765G
OAI identifier:

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