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Journeys Through Jackson 2005 Vol.15 No.04

By Jackson County Genealogical Society (N.C.)


Journeys Through Jackson is the official journal of the Jackson County Genealogical Society, Inc. The journal began as a monthly publication in July 1991, was published bimonthly from 1994 to 2003, and continues today as a quarterly publication. The journal issues in this digital collection are presented as annual compilations.K , J o u r n e y s T h r o u g h J a c k s o n T h e Official J o u r n a l of t h e J a c k s o n C o u n t y G e n e a l o g i c a l Society, Inc. Vol. X V , No. IV Fall 2 0 05 C v J JACKSON COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, INC 2005 Officers President Dorris D. Beck Vice Presidents Robert Blackwell, James Monteith Secretary Lynn Allen Bryant Treasurer E. Lawrence Morton Librarian Dorris D. Beck Office Manager Ruth C. Shuler Computer Coordinator. Deanne G. Roles Chair, Publications (Editor) R. Larry Crawford Journeys Through Jackson is the official publication of the Jackson County Genealogical Society. Members and non-members are invited to submit genealogical materials for publication, with the understanding that the editor reserves the right to edit these materials for genealogical content, clarity, or taste. The Society assumes no responsibility for errors of fact that may be contained in submissions, and except where noted, the opinions expressed are not those of the editor or of the Jackson County Genealogical Society. The Society accepts no advertising for this publication except for notices for other non-profit groups. From the Editor We finish another incredibly successful year in the Jackson County Genealogical Society, so forgive us for tooting our own horns. As we mentioned last time, we owe a big thanks to James and Bobby for providing us with exceptional programs. And if you haven't visited the office lately, be ready for a different appearance. ~~ Our periodical holdings are now upstairs, except for the issues from the mountain societies. We have ^^J prepared a directory for other publications, and volunteers will be happy to find the periodical that any patron wishes to use. What necessitated this new arrangement? We received a wonderful grant that allowed us to purchase a new microfilm cabinet, which needed to be set close to the machine, which meant that several bookcases needed to be moved, and therefore... and get the picture. Inside, find "the find." Our lead article this time features a true "find" for Jackson County genealogists. Also see our member Carolyn Blixseth Wheeler's work on her ancestor Robert Collins, a well - known name in the present-day Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Catch up on the next groups of Gribble kin from Betty Cope Andrews, and lots of official records, pictures, and much good reading. And of course, regardless of the path you follow, may your holiday season be one of great joy and togetherness with family and friends. When you get to New Year's Eve, hold the bubbly long enough to make one outstanding resolution: Climb more (family) trees. V i s i t u s a t o u r W e b s i t e : h t t p : / / w w w . j c n c g s . c o m / . J Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 C T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s Announcements and Expression of Sympathy 145 JCGS Photo Album 146 - 1 5 0 Jackson County School Districts P r i o r to t h e Civil War.. 151 - 1 5 4 Households in Scotts Creek Tdwnship in 1880 155 - 1 6 0 Descendants of J o h n Gribble.;". 161 - 168 1968 Jackson County Death Certificates 169 - 1 7 2 Robert James Collins 173 - 1 8 0 Early 20t h Century Jackson County Marriage Licenses 181 - 1 8 4 JCGS New Members for 2005 a n d Families of Interest 185 - 1 8 6 Where J C G S Members Live 187 JCGS L i b r a r y Acquisitions 188 - 1 8 9 Index 190-192 We offer our sincere sympathy to JCGS member and Technology Coordinator Deanne Gibson Roles, who lost h e r mother in October. Many of us w e r e privileged to know Louise Edwards Gibson, and we were better persons for the experience. C H a p p y H o l i d a y s t o A U J C G S M e m b e r s C 145 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 J C G S P h o t o A l b um U ^J This is not the most pleasant photograph, but it is a well - known person in the history of Jackson County. The likeness above is of Albert Teaster and was taken 5 Aug 1934. Teaster was a Signs - Following preacher, and he was bitten by a rattlesnake several times during a service. For those persons unfamiliar with the practice or the churches, the participants take the last two verses of Mark 16 literally. Illegal in North Carolina and several other states, this practice has historically been tied to the Appalachian region. Members of the churches tend to be wary of publicity for good reason. The media tend to turn these folks into a sideshow and tend to show very little respect for the people themselves, persons who observe a religious practice according to their own convictions. Photograph submitted by JCGS member Elizabeth Moss Wilson, the photograph made at the home of one of her Coggins kin. u 146 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 K . J C G S P h o t o A l b u m K^ We love old aerial photographs. We cannot credit this picture properly, but it (as well as our next one) was in a gift to the Society from the late William "Wimpy" Hyatt. What in this photograph is still here? For starters, notice the old Chevrolet dealership fronting Highway 107. It lacks the showroom-that was added later. John Greene's Pure Oil station is certainly in evidence, as are the Wilson house and several other structures. And yes, the intersection is still here also. The triangular island is now mostly paved, and the traffic lights see literally thousands of vehicles every day. For those members not very familiar with Sylva, your Society office is located in the field to the right of the triangle. At the top of the photograph, notice the Asheville Highway veering to the left. It certainly stopped doing that about 1960, and today the location of that veer is home to another intersection surely created by the forces of darkness. And someone had a nicely cultivated field where First Charter and O'Malley's can be found today. This picture was dated 1949, and while that is not really old as genealogists figure time, it is surely interesting. ^ 147 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 J C G S P h o t o A l b um We are hoping that some member will place a date on this one. From the same Hyatt gift, it shows downtown Sylva. One can clearly see that the old court house was not painted at all. We see the Legion Hut in the lower right, and First Presbyterian Church in the right center. Obviously, there was no street with a bridge crossing Scotts Creek where we now have the major Grindstaff connector to the bypass, and the neighborhoods where we now find St. Mary's Catholic Church and the Sylva Church of Christ were at that time someone's fields. The trees obscure most of First Baptist and First Methodist churches. Notice how the picture makes Dills Cove look almost level with the town. ^J 148 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 C J C G S P h o t o A l b um C C This fabulous old photograph is shared with the Society by Bill Crawford. It shows his grandmother Mary Cowan Sherrill holding her son William Robert Sherrill Jr. and with her daughter Mary Edith Sherrill at her side. The photograph dates to 1908. 149 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 J C G S P h o t o A l b um v_y Above, a picture from about 1925. It shows on the front, Cicero Aiken, John H. Aiken, Nancy Coward Aiken, and Ellen Aiken. On the back are Johnny Aiken, Perry Aiken, Eula Aiken, Cole Aiken, and Jessie Aiken. Shared by JCGS member Dan Johnson. Below, can you identify these Blanton Branch boys from the same time period? <tj^vw 150 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 < ^ S w J a c k s o n C o u n t y S c h o o l D i s t r i c t s P r i o r to T h e C i v i l W a r [Ed. We have many persons to thank for this article. Carroll Ann Wykoff of Asheville found an old book at an auction. After purchasing it, she told Asheville Citizen - Times columnist and Western North Carolina author Bob Terrell that its subject was a pre-Civil War school district record from his native Jackson County. Terrell then wrote a column about the book for the newspaper. Our diligent Society members read the article, wrote Ms. Wykoff, and purchased the book. Following are excerpts from a full transcription provided by JCGS member Ruth Shuler. We believe you will find it fascinating reading.] Common School Record September 30th 1854 According to previous appointment the Board of Superintendents of Common Schools met at Webster. Present - Joseph Keener, chairman, John H. Alley, and Abram Mingus. Absent B.N. Queen & A.M. Enloe. The Board proceeded to alter the District No. 1 & designated the following boundary: Beginning at Wm. Kiles'es and running down the river to Thomas Watson's including those living on Wm Allman's farm. Parkers & J.B. Allison's on the west side of Tuckasige river then from Watsons with the dividing ridge between the river & to a point near the Philip Dills place, then running SE so as to include A. Fisher, then running with the road to Kiles'es. No. 2. Beginning at the upper end of Amos Ashes farm and running across the river with the Watson mountain including Amos Ash & the Deetses & those living in that settlement. To the dividing ridge between Strutton and Deets from thence with the line of No. 1 so as to include those living in Sam Parris's settlement & Charles Bumgarner. No. 6. Beginning at the head of Locus Creek and running to the top of the black mountain, from there to Sugar Loaf so as to include Jno. Ensley & John Crawford. No. 9. Beginning at the county line on the SE side of Tuckasige river up the river to & including James Kirkland and those living in his settlement. No. 11. Shoal Creek dist. To 'include J.B. Sherrill, E.G. Hyatt, Manus Dawson, Jason Sherrill, John Gibbs & W.H. Farley. Then up Oconalufty river to Soko Creek, up said creek as far as Thomas Mills's including Ulric Keener. No. 12. Beginning near Alfred Wilsdns. From thence North to the Shoal creek mountain east of Milton Mosses. From thence west by the falls of the river to the wagon road near Wm. Moss'es old mill place from thence south so as to include Milton Stewards farm, thence to the falls of Flat branch. Then east with the line of the upper dist. To the beginning. [Ed. Above, #1 was around Webster, #2 the Old Settlement, #6 is self-explanatory, as is #11. 1 , #9 would be in today's Swain County, #12 in the Glenville - Pine Creek area.] 151 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 Webster NC August 11th 1858 No. 2. Beginning at the white oak corner of No. 8, runs to & with the summit of the Buchanan mountain to the white oak corner of D.G. Bryson No. 3 thence to the top of the ridges at the cross road first south of D.L. Dillards, & thence with that mountain to the state road at the gap between Copes and Daniel Bryson's & still with that mountain so as to include A. Bumgarners, O. Panters, & C. Bumgarners & the widow Ashe's farm to the line of No. 1 at Kiles's hickory corner at the old field. No house. A. Cope, A.M. Bumgarner, Eli Fullbright Committee No. 3. Begins at the beginning corner of No. 1 & runs with No. 1 to the deep gap then to Scotts Creek at Loves Fish trap across the creek, to Brindle's lower corner, then across the creek to graveyard ridge to the Thomas Road Ridge & with that ridge to the mouth of the Long branch & up the River to the lower end of Jos. Messers place and across the river to include the Angel David Sutton & John Ingle farms to Watsons Island & up the river to the beginning. The widow Dills & Sweatman Angel & J. Messers may go to Dicks Creek Dist. & John Buchanan P. Dills & A. Dills may come to this. No House. James Hall, David Conner, & Jesse Jones, Com. [Ed. The above would certainly be close to the present town of Dillsboro.] No. 6. Begins at the mouth of the North Fork of Scotts Creek & runs with the line of No. 5 to Queens north line & with that line to the summit of the dividing ridge so as to include Riley Blantons & to the Soap Stone Gap, then south east including the Elliott Lands & to the widow Henrys, then East to the Wild Cat ridge, then up said ridge to the Sugar Loaf mountain, then south to include the Hiles and Mill's lands to Loves Mill on Scotts Creek. \^J Then a direct course to the North Fork ridge & to include all the inhabitants on the North Fork creek & to the beginning. Ordinary school house, wood chimney & no windows. Elbert Hall, Robt. Bryson, John B. Queen, Committee. [Ed. Above, Ochre Hill, Willets, and those areas .] No. 9. Beginning at the mouth of Camp Creek & runs up the creek to the line of the old Gibson Tract. Thence with line of sd. Tract around its western boundery to the line of the Moody Russel tract thence with western boundery of that tract to the summit of the ridge on the Northwest of Camp Creek. Thence with the ridge to a high point above E.G. Hyatts, then down with the sloop of a ridge to the branch at the lower end of E.G. Hyatts farm, thence down the branch to the Nathan Hyatt stables. Thence a straight line to the Echota Mission, thence with the mountains an easterly & a southeasterly direction above L.H. Enloe, J.K. Sherrill, Sarah Gibson, Jasper Dills & C. Cooper & on with the mountains to the river at the upper end of D. Raby's farm known as Cane Field, thence down the river to the Beginning. Bad house on private property far removed from the center. Jason Hughs, S.W. Gibson Sr., E.G. Hyatt, Committee No. 11. Beginning at the upper end of Widow Floyd's land & includes all the settlement to the head of the River. Ordinary house, stone chimney, glass windows. R. Collins, Joel Conner, H.J. Beck, Committee. [Ed. This area is now in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.] ^J 152 c u Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 No. 18. Beginning on the Tuckaseegee River, opposite Allen Fishers Fish Trap runs southwest so as to include Thomas Monteath & Strutton, thence to the gap of the ridge above John Gribbles, thence with the summit of the mountain including the waters o f Little Savannah, thence with the top of the mountain above Miss Stillwell's so as to cross big Savannah at the upper end of Jessie Hall's farm, thence south to the mouth of Savanah Creek, thence up and with the river to the beginning. Ordinary School house as to the wall, no chimney, no windows. John Gribble, John Monteith, Wm. Cowan, Committee. No. 19. Beginning at the mouth of Savanah Creek & runs with the line of No. 18 to the top of the mountain between Wm. Buchanan & the widow Stillwell, thence across the Savanah between Wm. H. Buchanan & John Willson's, then Northwest to the lower end of Elcana Ash's farm on Greens Creek, thence across the sd. Creek to the summit of the mountain above James Suttons, thence with the summit of the mountain so as to include the McMahans & to the River between Phillip Dills John Messer, thence up and with the River to the beginning. Ordinary house, brick chimney, no windows. James Hall, T.B. Cabe, Hesekiah Jones, Committee. [Ed. No. 18 is self - explanatory, No. 19 one of four districts that encompassed what we today call the Savannah community.] No. 24. Beginning at the River above Dr. Edmonston's farm, runs thence with the ridge between Bryson & Amos Ash to the top of the mountain between Bryson and Little Savanah, thence with the mountain above James Bryson's, thence round with the mountain above the head of the Long Branch, thence to the gap between Andrew Bryson & John Watson, then East to the top of mountain so as to include Hughey Rogers, thence with the road to the river, from thence down the river to the beginning allowing Cathey & Putman to come to this Dist. Ordinary House, wood chimney, no windows. W.H. Bryson, Dan Bryson, Milton Bryson, Committee. [Ed. The above, along with Nos. 25'and 26, are what we now know as Cullowhee.] No. 29. Beginning at the ford of White Water, runs up Ayer's Ridge to the top of Sassafras Mountain, thence with the dividing ridge between Thompson's River and Nicke's Creek to the Horse Pasture River & down said River to the South Carolina line, thence with sd. Line to the White Water River, then tip said river to the beginning. No House. Henry Whitmire, J.C. Ellenburgh, Henry Henkle, Committee [Ed. Today, all or most of this would be in Transylvania County.] No. 31. Beginning at the lower end of Widow Long's farm runs thence up the river apposite Milton Bryson, thence with the top of the Parker Mountain so as to include the settlements on Waryhuts Creek, Wm. Phillips & P.G. Long excluded. No house. F.W. Potts, Wm. Watson, Jos. Watson, Committee. No. 33. Beginning on top of the Pine Ridge above Absolum Woodring including all on the river up to the Island Ford. No House. 'Dan Shook, David Mathis, J.B. Bryson, Committee [Ed. This would be in the Tuckasegee area going up .the river into the Canada area.]' 153 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 [In 1861, the following persons were appointed as school committeemen for the various districts. In parentheses, find our guess as to the area, with one exception.] v J No. 1. W.A. Enloe, R.H. Cannon, J.R. Dills (Webster or Dillsboro) No. 2. Andrew Cope, O. Painter, A.M. Bumgarner (near Sylva and Lovesfield) No. 3. Joseph Keener, Aps. Davis, James Hall (along Scotts Creek, possibly near Dillsboro) No. 4. E.D. Brendle, D.J. Allen, Samuel Monteith (Scotts Creek, near Sylva) No. 5. John Paris, H.M. Cook, Riley Blanton (Addie, Ochre Hill) No. 6. W.R. Crawford, Elbert Hall, Thos. Hooper (Willets, Balsam) No. 7. Thomas Henson, John Brown, George Snider (Willets) No. 8. Emanuel Shuler, John Crawford, A.R. Blanton (Cane Creek) No. 9. E.G. Hyatt, Jasper Dills, J.B. Sherrill (Qualla) No. 10. J.W. Conley, S. Enloe, W.M. Enloe (Qualla) No. 11. Wm. Bradley, Thos. Bradley, J.H. Beck (Oconaluftee, near Ravensford) No. 12. Loranzo Addington, Wm. M. Enloe, A. Mingus (Oconaluftee) No. 13. W.C. Burns, Asoph Sherrill, Absolum Cline (Ela, Deep Creek) No. 14. W. Bradshaw, David Watkins, AUen Parker (Bryson City) No. 15. John Morris, Benjamin Hyde, Thomas Jenkins (Bryson City to Jackson Line) No. 16. G.W. Bryson, Wm. Gibby, J.M. Campbell (Whittier, Conley's Creek) No. 17. John Nations, J.B. Cockerham, A.N. Cockerham (Wilmot, Barkers Creek) No. 18. John Gribble, John Monteith, Wm. Cowan (Webster, Little Savannah) No. 19. S.H. Brooks, Jason Barker, Jameson Hall (Savannah, nearer to Dillsboro) No. 20. CS. Buchanan, G.W. Green, Elijah Childers (Savannah) No. 21. Manson Wilson, James Buchanan, J.J. Buchanan (Savannah, East Fork) No. 22. Sidney Ashe, Marcus Ashe, Richrd Jones (Savannah, nearer Cowee) No. 23. Samuel Parris, Eli Fulbright, John Frizzle (Webster, Fairview) \_J No. 24. W.H. Bryson, A.D. Cathey, M.M. Bryson (Cullowhee) No. 25. James Henderson, Hugh Rogers, Thomas Wilson (Cullowhee, Wilson Creek) No. 26. C.W. Dalton, H.H. Jones, R.L. Gunter (we need help here) No. 27. E.L. Allison, N.G. Abrams, David Sloane (in today's Transylvania County) No. 28. M. Zachary, A.D. McKinney, L.C. Hooper (Cashiers) No. 29. Henry Hinkle, J.C. Ellenburg, Moses Butler (Fairfield, Lake Toxaway) No. 30. Thomas H. Galloway, Wm. Galloway, Harrison Powell (Tuckasegee, Canada) No. 31. J.G. Jones, Wm. Watson, Josiah Watson (Wayehutta) No. 32. Charles Woodring, Moses Watson, John A. Watson (Tuckasegee, East LaPorte) No. 33. Daniel Shook, David Mathis, J.B. Bryson (Canada) No. 34. H.L. Brown, E.C. Chastain, Thos J. Hooper (Caney Fork) No. 35. Andrew Wike, Phillip Wike, J.L. Potts (East LaPorte) No. 36. S.W. Reid, John Fisher, Albert Low (Sapphire, Fairfield) No. 37. A. J. Wood, S.F. Cook, Frank Berry (Canada) No. 38. Wm. Henderson, J.H. Watson, Milton Moss (Hamburg, Pine Creek) No. 39. Roderic Norton, Alex Wilson, J.L. Coffee (Cashiers, Whiteside Cove) No. 40. J.H. Alley, J.A. McCall, E.R. Norton (Cashiers, to South Carolina line) No. 41. J.J. Calhoun, James Rogers, Peter Rice (Cashiers) No. 42. Harvey Gillespie, D.M. Stephens, Edw. C. Hooper (Caney Fork) No. 43. Hudson Coward, Wm. Brown, J.F. Stapp (Caney Fork) No. 44. D.M. Brown, Thos. Hooper, H.A. Parker (Caney Fork, Canada) No. 45. James Turpin, F.P. Allison, L.G. Ward (Dicks Creek) No. 46. John Messer, Marrel Angel, Saml. Messer (Dillsboro to Barkers Creek, w. of river) ^J 154 Journeys Through Jackson Fall 2005 H o u s e h o l d s i n S c o t t s C r e e k T o w n s h i p i n 1 8 80 [Ed. We resume Family #52 Elijah Stiles Martha J. John A. Mary P. Phebe L. this series from our Winter 2005 issue.] w W W w w 11 29 4 2 6/12 Farming Housekeeping Son Daughter Daughter, born November NC NC NC NC NC NC NCNCNC NC NC NC NC NC NC Notes: The 'only other reference to this family in our sources is that possibly the daughter Mary above married Columbus Henry 31 Dec 1899 in Jackson County. Did the wife above become the second wife of Razor Dean? Her maiden name was possibly Queen. Family #53 William T. Carson H a r r i e t t . John L. MaryM. Julius H. Martha C. W W w w w -w 25 26 5 4 2 1/12 Farming Housekeeping Son Daughter Son Daughter, born May NC NC NC NC SC SC NC'NCNC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC ^ Notes: William Thomas Carson (19 Jun 1854 - 22 Sep 1934), one of the sons of James Terrell and Charlotte Henson Carson, married 1 Dec 1875 Harriet E. Oxner (5 Apr 1 8 5 4 - 4 Aug 1925). The son John L. above married Mary C. Jones 14 Jul 1896 at Dillsboro. William T. and Harriet are buried in DeHart Cemetery in Swain County. Julius Hamilton Carson married Hassie Thomas 23 Dec 1902 in Swain County. The 1900 Swain Census and Swain Delayed Birth Records show that John L. Carson also lived in Swain County. Mary Magdalene Carson (2 Mar 1876 - 23 Feb 1958) married Elias Brendle Monteith (14 Jul 1876-10 Jun 1954). They lived in Dillsboro and are buried in Parris Cemetery. Family #54 Samuel H. Bryson Julia A. William R. Martin A

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