A new genus and three new species of alpheids (Decapoda: Caridea) associated with thalassinids P.C. Dworschak 1, A. Anker 2 & D. Abed-Navandi 3 Sampling for infaunal decapods on a sublittoral sandy bottom in the Adriatic Sea and on a tidal flat at the Cape Verde Islands has yielded several members of the family Alpheidae, three of which were new species. A new genus near Salmoneus HOLTHUIS, 1955 and Leptalpheus WILLIAMS, 1965 is erected for Deioneus sandizelli gen.n. sp.n., based on two specimens, one collected from the burrow of the thalassinid Neocallichirus pachydactylus (A. MILNE-EDWARDS, 1870), the other from a Corallianassa intesi (DE SAINT LAURENT & LE LOEUFF, 1979) burrow. A single specimen of Salmoneus caboverdensis sp.n. was obtained from the burrow of N. pachydactylus at the same locality. Salmoneus erasimorum sp.n. is described from a single specimen collected from a burrow of Callianassa tyrrhena (PETAGNA, 1792) in Volosko, norther

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