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Author manuscript, published in "SIGGRAPH (2013)" A Reconfigurable Camera Add-On for High Dynamic Range, Multispectral, Polarization, and Light-Field Imaging

By Alkhazur Manakov, Johnf Restrepo, Oliver Klehm, Ramon Hegedüs, Elmar Eisemann and Hans-peter Seidel Ivoihrke


Numerous specialized devices, ranging from space-borne imagers to microscope cameras, exist for classic multi-spectral and polarization imaging. More recently, dynamic range restrictions of sensors(highdynamicrangeimaging)anddirectionalvariationoflight (light-fieldcapture)havebecomeamajorfocusincomputergraphics. In order to gain access to these physical dimensions of an image, the light integration has to be adapted. The three major approaches are i) temporal multiplexing where an image stack is recordedanddifferentfiltersareplacedinthelightpathofdifferent exposures. This approach can only be applied to static or quasistaticscenes. Thelatterrequiresaregistrationoftheindividualimageswhichisadifficultprobleminitself. Thesecondapproachisii) hardwareparallelacquisition,wheretheopticalimageismultiplied by means of a beam-splitter arrangement and projected onto different sensor units that are spatially de-localized. Different optical pre-filterscanbeinsertedintothedifferentopticallightpaths. This arrangement allows for dynamic scenes to be imaged. It comes, however,atthepriceoflarge,expensive,andbulkysetupsthathave to be custom built. Further, synchronization and radiometric calibrationofthedifferentsensorswithrespecttoeachotherisanother problematic aspect. The third approach is iii) spatial multiplexing. Here, a single sensor unit is being employed where every pixel is associatedwithadifferentopticalpre-filter. Thisdesignavoidssynhal-00835898

Year: 2013
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