Preliminary Investigations into Endospanin Expression in Zebrafish


This study investigated endospanin expression in zebrafish by performing western blots to identify which tissues expressed endospanin. A feeding study was also conducted to see if endospanin expression varied in fed versus unfed fish. After tissues were dissected, protein assays were performed on homogenized tissues and then gels were run using gel electrophoresis. The primary antibody rabbit anti-endospanin peptide was used on the finished blots. Chemiluminescence was then used to visualize the blots using GeneSnap software. Endospanin expression was evident in heart, liver, and ovary tissues. The feeding study showed that endospanin expression in liver tissue was not significantly different between the fed and unfed fish (p=0.476). This baseline research established protocols for endospanin expression studies in zebrafish

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