Effect of Lorantaceae daendropthoe species infusion on serum transaminase level and hepatic in rats


Loranthaceae daendropthoe is a herbal preparation w hich has been shown as cell antiproliferant and tra ditionally used as anticancer. The infusion of the plant is given v ia oral route, which is subsequently absorbed by ga strointestinal and metabolised in liver. Liver performs many essential functions, including the production of bile, regul ation of plasma proteins and glucose as well as biotransformation o f drugs and toxins. This study examined whether Lor anthaceae daendropthoe makes liver tissue damage in animal mo del. Mouse as animal models were divided into two g roups, the control group was given with aquademineralisata and treatment group was given with infusion of Loranth aceae daendropthoe. Serum transaminase, specific marker o f hepatocellular necrosis and the histology of mous e liver were studied 17 days after the treatment with plant infu sion. Data of serum transaminase and histology were compared between treatment and control groups. The result su ggested that the infusion of Loranthaceae daendropt hoe did not cause liver diseases

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