A Job Training Report As A Guest Relation Officer Staff At JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya from 4th January 2016 to 4th July 2016


4.1 Conclusion As a five star hotel in Surabaya,JW Marriott Surabayahotel has given a lot of contribution to the public such as services and products. JW Marriott Surabaya always tries to give the best services and productsfor the guest satisfaction. Alldepartments in this hotel have important role in their respective duties especially in handling guets well. After joining internship in JW Marriott Surabaya hotel for six monthsas Guest Relation Officer (GRO) Staff, the writer has gotten so much knowledge and information. The writer did not only know about JW Marriott Surabaya hotel but the writer also knew howto handle the guests well. The writer has learned about how to deal and help the guests, understand what the guests need. The writer also learned about how to make the guests feel happy and satisfied with the services. These are the most important knowledge that the writer got during her internship in JW Marriott Surabaya hotel. The writer felt happy and proud of her internship in JW Marriott Surabaya hotel. The writer felt lucky because she could do the internship in this hotel. Because of her internship, she got a lot of experiences, skills, knowledge, and information about hotel and the duties of Guest Relation Officer. The staffs in JW Marriott Surabaya were nice and friendly. They help the writer during her internship by explaining the duties specifically, so the writer could finish her duties well. This situation made the writer felt happy and comfortable to do all her duties during the internship. In this conclusion, the writer enjoyedher job training in JW Marriott Surabaya hotel. It was a great experience of being a Guest Relation Officer on the real atmosphere of working and getting knowledge about hotel management in JW Marriott Surabaya hotel. 4.2 Suggestion As the writer knew, this hotel does saving cost so that its staffs economize the energy of elrctricity. The writer thought that it was nice for this hotel. Beside that, this hotel is short of staff. When there were many guests check in, the Receptionists and the Concierge staffs experienced difficulty. It happened because this hotel exceedingly does saving cost. According to the writer, this hotel has to add staff so that this problem will not happen again. During her internship, the writer knew that the writer did mistakes in her duties. The writer has forgotten in doing some of her duties such as print Birthday Card when the writer checked that there was birthday on next day. Although the writer ever did this mistake, the writer tried to do the best. The writer has to be more responsible, honest, and thorough in doing all her duties. The writer hopes that her Final Report can be useful and helpful for all readers. If the writer has any mistake in her Final Report writing, the writer appologize for this mistake. The writer says thank you for all supports that is given by her family and friends

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