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Sufi healing dan neuro linguistic programming : studi terapi pada Griya Sehat Syafaat GRISS 99 Semarang

By Mamluatur Rahmah


This study reveals about Sufi healing, namely therapy in the literature on Sufism. This study focuses on behaviors associated with sufi healing or disease prevention, both physically and non-physically caused by various problems faced by humans. In the perspective of Sufis, the problems faced by humans are rooted in the heart, so in order to heal they need to be cleansed. The heart is the origin of all human activities. A healthy heart makes the activities of human behavior healthy too, and vice versa if the sick heart will cause individuals who have it to become sick. Therefore, Sufi healing is more emphasized on the health of the liver so that the liver can function optimally. This can be obtained through takhallī, taḥallī and tajallī which are carried out through training (riyāḍah) really (mujāhadah) with guidance and direction from the murshid or therapist. In the framework of the process of riyā mujah and mujāhadah a therapist needs to use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a technique to facilitate the incorporation of Sufi values. This type of research is qualitative, namely research that produces descriptive data in the form of written words. This research is a field study, namely research activities that examine data, documents, and oral sources through interviews, observation, and documentation. The analytical method used is descriptive-qualitative. While the data source that was extracted was how to apply NLP in the Sufi healing method at GRISS 99 Semarang. The results of this research show that NLP techniques such as rapport, meta model, meta program, and reframming have similarities with Sufi methods in the process of purifying the soul, namely riyāḍah and mujāhadah through the process of takhallī, taḥallī and tajallī. With this technique the therapist more easily includes sufistic values such as patience, sincerity, resignation, and husnudzon

Topics: 297.4 Sufism, 610 Medical sciences Medicine
Year: 2019
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