Somatic Cell Genetic Analysis of Eight Antigens, Including Putative


Serological characterization of human cell surface phenotypes through typing of cultured cell panels and tissues with monoclonal antibodies (mAb) 1 has revealed a high degree of antigenic diversity on somatic cells. Expression of a large number of antigenic systems has been correlated with differentiation pathways (providing markers for cell lineages or distinct stages within a differentiation pathway), with growth characteristics and cell proliferation, or with the transformed phenotype of tumor cells (1-4). Coordinate expression of a series of surface antigenic systems was found to be characteristic for certain differentiated cell types, and a cell type-specific sequence of changes in these antigenic patterns was found to accompany cellular differentiation and maturation steps. These principles were established through serological analysis of normal and malignant cells of hematopoietic origin, and have been extended more recently to other human cell types (2, 5). While phenotypic variability on the human cell surface has been studied in considerable detail, little is known about the genes coding for most surface antigens and genes involved in coordinating the expression of multiple surface components to generate specific phenotypic patterns. Somatic cell genetic analysis of antigen expression in rodent-human hybrid cells has provided several types of information concerning genes controlling surface antigens and their interaction and organization in the human genome: (a) chromosomal assignment of genes coding for surface antigens (6); (b) identification of subunit components of multimeric antigens coded for by different chromosomes (7-9); and (c) definition of regulatory controls of antigen expression related to cell lineage and growth characteristics, including the permis

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