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Educational subjects content formation on the basis of components of educational branches of the state standard

By Тетяна Миколаївна Засєкіна


У статті розглядаються підходи до формування змісту навчальних предметів для закладів загальної середньої освіти на основі аналізу нормативних документів та дидактичних підходів. Виявляються причини утруднень, що виникають на кожному з етапів та пропонуються шляхи їх подолання.The article deals with the approaches to the formation of the content of educational subjects for institutions of general secondary education on the basis of analysis of normative documents and didactic approaches. The causes of the difficulties that arise at each of the stages of the formation of the content of education are revealed and the ways of overcoming them are offered. In this article, we are dealing with the content of the basic and complete general secondary education, which was in the process of formation during 2010-2017. The normative documents which regulate the formation of the content of education and the requirements for its assimilation are: the state standard of education, in which the state requirements for the level of general education of students and the basic curriculum are described according to the branches of education. Based on the standard, a typical curriculum is developed, which defines the list of subjects and the amount of time provided for their learning. The standard stipulates that an educational subject can realize the content of one or several components of the educational branch. In the case of implementation of several components - this may be an integrated course or course, built on a modular principle, where each module implements the content of the corresponding component of the educational branch determined by the standard. The analysis, conducted by us, of the state standard and curricula showed that by this time there is a traditional list of educational subjects, which was determined in the 90’s of the last century. The developers of curricula are traditionally focused on subject content and proceed from the position that subject is a didactically sound system of knowledge, skills and abilities selected from the corresponding science or art for studying at an educational institution, while forgetting that it should primarily realize the task and content of the educational branch of the state standard. We paid special attention in our study for the analysis of the formation of the content of natural science subjects. We discovered that curricula of some natural science subjects not fully meet the requirements of the state standard. These problems, in our opinion, arise because of the lack of holistic approach to the formation of the content of the field “Natural Science” around the cross-cultural natural science content lines, structuring it between two concentrators, describing possible variants of implementing the content of the branch in educational subjects and courses, clear recommendations for building the curricula. Our analyzes will be useful when developing a new state standard for basic and complete secondary education and new curricula

Topics: 37.02 General questions of didactics and method, 37.09 Organization of instruction, 373 Kinds of school providing general education
Publisher: Інститут педагогіки НАПН України
Year: 2019
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