Dynamical decay of brane-antibrane and dielectric brane, JHEP 0207


Using D-brane effective field theories, we study dynamical decay of unstable brane systems: (i) a parallel brane-antibrane pair with separation l and (ii) a dielectric brane. In particular we give explicitly the decay width of these unstable systems, and describe how the decay proceeds after the tunnel effect. The decay (i) is analysed by the use of a tachyon effective action on the Dp-Dp. A pair annihilation starts by nucleation of a bubble of a tachyon domain wall which represents a throat connecting these branes, and the tunneling decay width Γ is found to be proportional to ∼ exp(−lp+1TDp). We study also the decay leaving topological defects corresponding to lower-dimensional branes, which may be relevant for recent inflationary braneworld scenario. As for the decay (ii), first we observe that Dp-branes generically “curl up ” in a nontrivial RR field strength. Using this viewpoint, we compute the decay width of the dielectric D2-branes by constructing relevant Euclidean bounce solutions in the shape of a funnel. We also give new solutions in doughnut shape which are involved with nucleation of dielectric branes from nothing. Content

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