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Ergodic Transport Theory, periodic maximizing probabilities and the twist condition

By G. Contreras, A. O. Lopes and E. R. Oliveira


The present paper is a follow up of another one by A. O. Lopes, E. Oliveira and P. Thieullen which analyze ergodic transport problems. Our main focus will a more precise analysis of case where the maximizing probability is unique and is also a periodic orbit. Consider the shift T acting on the Bernoulli space \Sigma={1, 2, 3,.., d}^\mathbb{N} $ and $A:\Sigma \to \mathbb{R} a Holder potential. Denote m(A)=max_{\nu is an invariant probability for T} \int A(x) \; d\nu(x) and, \mu_{\infty,A}, any probability which attains the maximum value. We assume this probability is unique (a generic property). We denote \T the bilateral shift. For a given potential Holder A:\Sigma \to \mathbb{R}, we say that a Holder continuous function W: \hat{\Sigma} \to \mathbb{R} is a involution kernel for A, if there is a Holder function A^*:\Sigma \to \mathbb{R}, such that, A^*(w)= A\circ \T^{-1}(w,x)+ W \circ \T^{-1}(w,x) - W(w,x). We say that A^* is a dual potential of A. It is true that m(A)=m(A^*). We denote by V the calibrated subaction for A, and, V^* the one for A^*. We denote by I^* the deviation function for the family of Gibbs states for \beta A, when \beta \to \infty. For each x we get one (more than one) w_x such attains the supremum above. That is, solutions of V(x) = W(w_x,x) - V^* (w_x)- I^*(w_x). A pair of the form (x,w_x) is called an optimal pair. If \T is the shift acting on (x,w) \in {1, 2, 3,.., d}^\mathbb{Z}, then, the image by \T^{-1} of an optimal pair is also an optimal pair. Theorem - Generically, in the set of Holder potentials A that satisfy (i) the twist condition, (ii) uniqueness of maximizing probability which is supported in a periodic orbit, the set of possible optimal w_x, when x covers the all range of possible elements x in \in \Sigma, is finite

Topics: Mathematics - Dynamical Systems, Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics, Mathematics - Optimization and Control, Mathematics - Probability, 37A05, 37A35, 37A60, 37D35, 49K27, 49Q20, 82B05, 90C05, 90C50
Year: 2013
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