The Evidence-Based Approach to Learning


The aviation industry has focused on assessment of non-technical skills and human factors for decades. The ICAO Doc 9995, the IATA EBT implementation guide, authorities and operators are moving towards an evidence-based approach to training and assessment. This presentation will address practical and methodological challenges the FTO’s and instructors are facing when also aiming for evidence-based learning. A core issue is that performance in the simulator should be addressed by integrating assessment of technical and non-technical skills. Secondly, this assessment regime should be compatible to instructor’s working conditions; usually running the simulator while having observation as a main task. Thirdly, the assessment methodology should provide the instructor/assessor and the assessed pilots with data applicable for further learning regarding both technical proficiency and how human factors influence performance. A fourth need is to provide the FTO with data pertaining to training objectives, standardization of instructor practices, documentation of training activities and organizational learning. Pilots are working in a complex operative environment and flight safety requires spectrum of competencies and skills that need to be addressed. A traditional approach to this gives an overwhelming number of behavior indicators and the impact of different operative conditions remains a challenge to the validity of the ratings given. We propose an assessment model with a set of generic variables and indicators which mitigate the instructor workload problem, ties the assessments directly to the operative development as observed by the local expert instructor knowing the operation, and provides the FTO with the needed data

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