Shadowcrest Manor by Michaela Bishop


My thesis project is a novella called Shadowcrest Manor, centered on the protagonist, Rosalind, and her three sisters. In 1801, Rosalind Aldridge met Olivier Bouraine a mysterious young man who is a business acquaintance of her father’s. Unknown to the girls, Olivier is a vampire who becomes infatuated with Rosalind. Olivier’s first wife and family were burned alive in their playhouse and Olivier has been distraught ever since that day. Rosalind bears a striking resemblance to Oliver’s first wife Camille, and after he saw Rosalind he became obsessed with her and creating a second family. One night, Oliver kills Rosalind’s entire family and turns Rosalind and her sisters into vampires. The story then jumps to 2018, Rosalind and her sisters are living in hiding from Olivier in Crescent City California; they are living semi-normally. The sisters are not full vampires; they are half alive and half dead. Olivier is a full vampire. In a sequence of events Oliver finds the sisters and begins to wreck their established lives, to convince Rosalind to become a full vampire, and live with him forever as his wife. Influences on my writing are Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, Jane Austen, and C.C. Hunter to name a few. I have loved to read ever since I was in the second grade and many of the books I have read have been fantasy fiction. I have also read a lot of literature and poetry too. I have a great appreciation for writers who have created novels that have lasted through the years and still are relevant today as they were when they were first published. My hope is to create a completely new vampire story that one day inspires young readers like my reading inspired me

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