Lobbing gospodarczy w procesie decyzyjnym Unii Europejskiej


Lobbing, inaczej rzecznictwo interesów, stanowi istotny element współczesnej demokracji. Przybierając formę dialogu, traktowany jest jako ogniwo łączące obywateli z ugrupowaniami i instytucjami władzy. Zakłada on konieczność aktywnego uczestnictwa społeczeństwa nie tylko w sprawowaniu, ale także i kontrolowaniu władzy.Brussels, the visible symbol of unity in diversity is a "temple" of lobbying. Its functioning institutional structure can be recognized as agora, same as a game field for pressure groups. One sentence describes it perfectly: lobby or not to be - lobitur ergo sum. In ths book, author characterizes the phenomenon at supranational level, discusses concepts of lobbying in terms of their evolution and meaning. Reveals the influence of lobbying to the institutional and decision-making process of the Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council and the Council of the European Union to present complex interactions of lobbying and decision-making sphere. In the context of the legal framework for lobbying activities also analyse the jurisduction of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the aspect of access to documents of the EU institutions. Looking through the prism of economic interests representation, indicates the possibility of effective influence on the legislative process. Important are reflections on the direct and indirect methods and forms of activities of interest groups at the Brussels Forum, as well as litigation strategies and sharing of information using the possibilities offered by the Internet. These are the essential elements to highlight the professional rules of preparing effective lobbying strategies possible to implement at the EU level

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