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Generation of Reporter Constructs to Characterize the Role of Histone H3 and H4 Residues in cell-to-cell Variability in Gene Expression

By Jared Gabriel Curtin


Histone proteins and their interactions with DNA affect every process occurring on DNA inside the cell. Histone are strongly basic proteins responsible for the packaging and ordering of DNA inside eukaryotic cells. Approximately 147 DNA base pairs are wound are wound around an octamer of core histone proteins (H3, H4, H2A, H2B). This structure is the fundamental unit of DNA compaction, and is referred to as the nucleosome. 20 to 60 DNA base pairs (linker DNA) connect each nucleosome. Little is known about the effects of histone mutations on cell-to-cell variability of gene expression. Histones are highly modifiable multifunctional proteins. through port-translational modifications they can be made to have a range of functions inside the nucleosome

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Year: 2010
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