Historical Portrait Gallery of the Dukes of Lorraine by the Medallist Ferdinand de Saint-Urbain


U Numizmatičkoj zbirci Arheološkog muzeja u Zagrebu odavno –najvjerojatnije još iz Sabljarovih vremena - čuva se dio znamenitog niza medalja lotarinške kuće, tzv. »Lothringer Suite«, »Suite de Lorraine« ili »Médaillier de Lorraine«, pretežito u kositrenim otkovima, ali i nekoliko obostranih brončanih medalja, dio veće serije predaka današnje habsburško-lotarinške kuće, kao i ranijih Lotarinških vojvoda. Izradio ih je znameniti lotarinški medaljer Ferdinand de Saint-Urbain. Bio je jedan među najglasovitijim majstorima svoga vremena, tj. posljednja tri desetljeća 17. stoljeća i prva gotovo četiri desetljeća 18. stoljeća. Pisac također objelodanjuje još neke njegove medalje, također iz iste zbirke.Part of the famous Series of medals of the Dukes and Duchesses of Lorraine is in the Numismatic Collection of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum and there are also several other medals by Ferdinand de Saint-Urbain (*Nancy, 30.VI. 1658 – +11. I. 1738). These medals are chiefl y in pewter and uniface, but some are bronze and twosided. Ferdinand de Saint-Urbain was an architect, sculptor, engraver and, above all a medallist. During the early part of his life he lived and worked in Italy, from 1673 in Bologna, and later in Rome, where Pope Innocent XI appointed him chief of the Papal mint. In Rome Saint-Urbain spent thirty years during the pontifi cate of five popes, then in 1704 returned home to Nancy and from 1707 was placed at the head of the mint of the Duchy. He was highly esteemed in his time and his production of medals and dies for coins was impressive. The artist signed his medals and coins with: F.D.S.V., S.V. (most frequently), S.VRBA.OP., S.VR., FERD.DE S.V. etc. Following the tendency of his times, he received commissions to produce several historical series of medals: the Popes (which remained unfi nished), Dukes and Duchesses of Lorraine and a series of contemporary medals for the French Regent, the Duke of Orléans. When possible, he transferred on medals existing authentic portraits, in authentic costumes, but otherwise resorted to invented faces and costumes of persons from a more remote past. The «Lothringer Suite» ordered by Duke Leopold I of Lorraine, was jointly made by Saint-Urbain and his son Claude Augustin between 1708 and c 1720. The latter is the author of the larger central (title) medal. The series exists in gold, silver, bronze, pewter and lead. A list was published by Leonard Forrer in 1912. The bulk of the medals (31) shows the bust of the Duke on the obverse and his consort on the reverse; on six medals there is either an inscription or a symbolic depiction on the reverse

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