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The antimalarial drug quinine interferes with serotonin biosynthesis and action

By Farida Islahudin, Sarah M. Tindall, Ian R. Mellor, Karen Swift, Hans Erik Mølager Christensen, Kevin C. F. Fone, Richard J. Pleass, Kang-Nee Ting and Simon V. Avery
Topics: MULTIDISCIPLINARY, TRYPTOPHAN-HYDROXYLASE, KYNURENINE PATHWAY, FALCIPARUM-MALARIA, RECEPTORS, BRAIN, DEPLETION, BEHAVIOR, PROLIFERATION, INHIBITION, PLASMA, malaria Malaria (MeSH) blood and lymphatic disease, parasitic disease drug therapy, symptom, Fungi Plantae (Fungi, Microorganisms, Nonvascular Plants, Plants) - Ascomycetes [15100] Saccharomyces cerevisiae species, Fungi Plantae (Fungi, Microorganisms, Nonvascular Plants, Plants) - Fungi Imperfecti or Deuteromycetes [15500] Candida albicans species, Primates Mammalia Vertebrata Chordata Animalia (Animals, Chordates, Humans, Mammals, Primates, Vertebrates) - Hominidae [86215] SHSY5Y cell line cell_line human neuroblastoma cells, neurotransmitter serotonin-5 5-HT receptor synthesis, quinine 130-95-0 antiinfective-drug, antiparasitic-drug, tryptophan 73-22-3, tryptophan hydroxylase TPH2 9037-21-2 EC, 02508, Cytology - Human, 10060, Biochemistry studies - General, 10064, Biochemistry studies - Proteins, peptides and amino acids, 12512, Pathology - Therapy, 15002, Blood - Blood and lymph studies, 15004, Blood - Blood cell studies, 15006, Blood - Blood, lymphatic and reticuloendothelial pathologies, 22002, Pharmacology - General, 22005, Pharmacology - Clinical pharmacology, 36008, Medical and clinical microbiology - Mycology, 38502, Chemotherapy - General, methods and metabolism, 38510, Chemotherapy - Antiparasitic agents, 60502, Parasitology - General, 60504, Parasitology - Medical, Human Medicine, Medical Sciences, plasma blood and lymphatics, Hematology, Parasitology, Pharmacology
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Year: 2014
DOI identifier: 10.1038/srep03618
OAI identifier: oai:pure.atira.dk:publications/621d297e-f2c8-43c5-a64e-39796a140f24

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