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Cohomology of Artin groups of type tilde{A}_n, B_n and applications

By Filippo Callegaro, Davide Moroni and Mario Salvetti


We consider two natural embeddings between Artin groups: the group G_{tilde{A}_{n-1}} of type tilde{A}_{n-1} embeds into the group G_{B_n} of type B_n; G_{B_n} in turn embeds into the classical braid group Br_{n+1}:=G_{A_n} of type A_n. The cohomologies of these groups are related, by standard results, in a precise way. By using techniques developed in previous papers, we give precise formulas (sketching the proofs) for the cohomology of G_{B_n} with coefficients over the module Q[q^{+-1},t^{+-1}], where the action is (-q)-multiplication for the standard generators associated to the first n-1 nodes of the Dynkin diagram, while is (-t)-multiplication for the generator associated to the last node. As a corollary we obtain the rational cohomology for G_{tilde{A}_n} as well as the cohomology of Br_{n+1} with coefficients in the (n+1)-dimensional representation obtained by Tong, Yang and Ma. We stress the topological significance, recalling some constructions of explicit finite CW-complexes for orbit spaces of Artin groups. In case of groups of infinite type, we indicate the (few) variations to be done with respect to the finite type case. For affine groups, some of these orbit spaces are known to be K(pi,1) spaces (in particular, for type tilde{A}_n). We point out that the above cohomology of G_{B_n} gives (as a module over the monodromy operator) the rational cohomology of the fibre (analog to a Milnor fibre) of the natural fibration of K(G_{B_n},1) onto the 2-torus.Comment: This is the version published by Geometry & Topology Monographs on 22 February 200

Topics: Mathematics - Group Theory, Mathematics - Algebraic Topology, 20J06, 20F36
Publisher: 'Mathematical Sciences Publishers'
Year: 2009
DOI identifier: 10.2140/gtm.2008.13.85
OAI identifier:

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