Network inference - with confidence - from multivariate time series


Networks - collections of interacting elements or nodes - abound in the natural and manmade worlds. For many networks, complex spatiotemporal dynamics stem from patterns of physical interactions unknown to us. To infer these interactions, it is common to include edges between those nodes whose time series exhibit sufficient functional connectivity, typically defined as a measure of coupling exceeding a pre-determined threshold. However, when uncertainty exists in the original network measurements, uncertainty in the inferred network is likely, and hence a statistical propagation-of-error is needed. In this manuscript, we describe a principled and systematic procedure for the inference of functional connectivity networks from multivariate time series data. Our procedure yields as output both the inferred network and a quantification of uncertainty of the most fundamental interest: uncertainty in the number of edges. To illustrate this approach, we apply our procedure to simulated data and electrocorticogram data recorded from a human subject during an epileptic seizure. We demonstrate that the procedure is accurate and robust in both the determination of edges and the reporting of uncertainty associated with that determination.Comment: 12 pages, 7 figures (low resolution), submitte

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