A Newly-Identified Polymorphism in Rhesus Macaque Complement Factor H Modulates Binding Affinity for Meningococcal FHbp


Two meningococcal serogroup B vaccines contain Factor H binding protein (FHbp). Binding of Factor H (FH) to FHbp was thought to be specific for human or chimpanzee FH. However, in a previous study an amino acid polymorphism in rhesus macaque FH domain 6, tyrosine at position 352 (Y352) was associated with high binding to FHbp, whereas histidine at position 352 (H352) was associated with low binding. value too high to be measured.Macaques have at least three allelic variants encoding FH with different affinities for FHbp (five genotypic combinations of these variants). Since in previous studies binding of FH to FHbp vaccines decreased protective antibody responses, our data will aid in selection of macaques with FH binding that is similar to humans for further investigation of FHbp vaccine immunogenicity

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This paper was published in Public Library of Science (PLOS).

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