Regulation of the H+/e− stoichiometry of cytochrome c oxidase from bovine heart by intramitochondrial ATP/ADP ratios


AbstractThis paper describes the effect of intramitochondrial ATP/ADP ratios on the H+/e− stoichiometry of reconstituted cytochrome c oxidase (COX) from bovine heart. At 100% intraliposomal ATP the H+/e− stoichiometry of the reconstituted enzyme is decreased to half of the value measured below 98% intraliposomal ATP (above 2% ADP), while it remains constant up to 100% ADP. The decrease is obtained with different COX preparations, independent of the absolute value of the H+/e− stoichiometry. Decrease of H+/e− stoichiometry is prevented by preincubation of the enzyme with a tissue-specific monoclonal antibody to subunit VIa-H (heart-type). Tissue-specific regulation of the efficiency of energy transduction in COX of muscle mitochondria could have a physilogical function in maintaining the body temperature at rest or sleep, i.e. at low ATP expenditure

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