Three-dimensional crystal structure of recombinant erabutoxin a at 2.0 Å resolution


AbstractRecombinant erabutoxin a (Ear) has been crystallized by vapour diffusion in hanging drops. The crystals belong to space group P212121 with cell dimensions a = 55.8 Å, b = 53.4 Å, c = 40.8 Å. Diffraction data have been recorded on a FAST detector up to 2.0 Å. The atomic crystal structure of Ear has been determined by initial refinement of the structure of the isotoxin erabutoxin b (Eb) the crystals of which were grown under identical conditions. The R-factor was 23% at 2.0 Å resolution. The secondary and tertiary structures of Ear are shown to be identical with that of wild-type Eb, within the experimental error

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