Observations of the transiting planet TrES-2 with the AIU Jena telescope in Gro{\ss}schwabhausen


We have started high precision photometric monitoring observations at the AIU Jena observatory in Grossschwabhausen near Jena in fall 2006. We used a 25 cm Cassegrain telescope equipped with a CCD-camera mounted picky-pack on a 90 cm telescope. To test the obtainable photometric precision, we observed stars with known transiting planets. We could recover all planetary transits observed by us. We observed the parent star of the transiting planet TrES-2 over a longer period in Grossschwabhausen. Between March and November 2007 seven different transits and almost a complete orbital period were analyzed. Overall, in 31 nights of observation 3423 exposures (in total 57.05 h of observation) of the TrES-2 parent star were taken. Here, we present our methods and the resulting light curves. Using our observations we could improve the orbital parameters of the system.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, conference proceeding

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