Unitarity in Technicolor


We investigate the longitudinal $WW$ scattering in models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking featuring a spin one axial and vector state and a composite Higgs. We also investigate the effects of a composite spin two state which has the same properties of a massive graviton. Any model of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking will feature, depending on the dynamics, some or all these basic resonances as part of the low energy spectrum. We suggest how to take limits in the effective Lagrangian parameter space to reproduce the dynamics of different types of underlying gauge theories, from the traditional Technicolor models to the newest ones featuring nearly conformal dynamics. We study the direct effects of a light composite Higgs and the indirect ones stemming from the presence of a light axial resonance on the longitudinal $WW$ scattering.Comment: 23 pages, 5 figure

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