Over-Wrapping of the Aortic Wall with an Elastic Extra-Aortic Wrap Results in Luminal Creasing


Elastic extra-aortic wrapping is a potential non-pharmacological way to improve aortic compliance and treat isolated systolic hypertension associated with a stiffened aorta. We aimed to use computer simulations to re-evaluate whether there is aortic shape distortion in aortic wrapping to achieve greater elasticity of the wrapped aortic segment. Non-linear transient numerical analysis based on an idealized hyper-elastic single-layered aorta model was performed to simulate the force/displacement regimes of external aortic wrapping. Pressure-displacement relationships were used to establish model aortic wall distensibilities of 4.3 and 5.5 (10−3 mmHg−1). A physiological pulsatile lumen pressure was employed to estimate the potential improvements in aortic distensibility by compression forces representing elastic aortic wrapping. In the less distensible model of the aortic wall there was increased systolic expansion in the wrapped segment. We found a risk of creasing of the aortic luminal wall with wrapping. Sufficient unloading of a thick and elastic aortic wall to induce increased compliance, as observed in elastic wrapping, is associated with the potential risk of over compression and folding (creasing) inside the lumen

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