A Full 24-Parameter MSSM Exploration


Up until now a complete scan in all phenomenologically relevant directions of the MSSM at the TeV scale for performing global fit has not been done. Given the imminent start of operation of the LHC, this is a major gap on our quest to discovering and understanding the physical implications of low energy supersymmetry. The main reason for this is the large number of parameters involved that makes it computationally extremely expensive using the traditional methods. In this talk I demonstrate that with advanced sampling techniques the problem is solvable. The results from the explored 24-parameter TeV scale MSSM (phenoMSSM) are remarkably distinct from previous studies and are independent of models for supersymmetry breaking and mediation mechanisms. Hence they are a more robust guide to searches for supersymmetry and dark matter.Comment: 3 pages for SUSY08 proceedings, added references, minor text changes, changed figur

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