Compact and Broadband Microstrip Band-Stop Filters with Single Rectangular Stubs


In this research, a compact and broadband microstrip line quarter-wavelength open circuited stub, which is the core of the band-stop filter, is studied from the viewpoint of the characteristic impedance ratio between the main transmission line and the stub line. Furthermore, a circuit pattern in which an inductive diaphragm is inserted at the stub attachment point using a stepped impedance structure is examined, and an evaluation of frequency adjustment and miniaturization is investigated. The results are compared with the well-known radial stub. Good agreement was obtained between the measured and simulated values up to 5 GHz. Good stop bandwidth was obtained, and the validity of the proposed method is confirmed. The application to other frequency bands is straightforward. The proposed structure is applicable as an alternative to the existing radial stub used for bias T to prevent the reverse flow of the Radio frequency (RF) signal to direct current (DC) source. It is also applicable for the waveguide E-plane band-stop filter, for preventing unwanted leakage from narrow gaps by substituting to a short-circuited stub with a capacitive window, by using the same approach used in the microstrip line H-plane discontinuity

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