Tailoring of magnetoimpedance effect and magnetic softness of Fe-rich glass-coated microwires by stress- annealing


Abstract There is a pressing need for improving of the high-frequency magneto-impedance effect of cost-effective soft magnetic materials for use in high-performance sensing devices. The impact of the stress-annealing on magnetic properties and high frequency impedance of Fe-rich glass-coated microwires was studied. Hysteresis loops of Fe-rich microwires have been considerably affected by stress- annealing. In stress-annealed Fe- rich microwire we obtained drastic decreasing of coercivity and change of character of hysteresis loop from rectangular to linear. By controlling stress-annealing conditions (temperature and time) we achieved drastic increasing (by order of magnitude) of giant magnetoimpedance ratio. Coercivity, remanent magnetization, diagonal and of-diagonal magnetoimpedance effect of Fe-rich microwires can be tuned by stress-annealing conditions: annealing temperature and time. Observed experimental results are discussed considering relaxation of internal stresses, compressive “back-stresses” arising after stress annealing and topological short range ordering

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