Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Old Corrugated Container Fibers – Polypropylene Composites Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)


At this research, the influence of Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes (Non-functionalized and functionalized) on mechanical properties of polypropylene – old corrugated container (OCC) fibers composites was investigated. OCC fibers polypropylene composites were prepared using 20% OCC fibers, 80% polypropylene and 3% MAPP. Three levels of multi walled carbon nano tubes (0% - 0.5% - 1%) were added. Acidic oxidation method was used to functionalize the MWCNTs. Mechanical properties were measured as defined in ASTM testing methods. The results indicated that at higher dosage of MWCNTs, the tensile strength properties of the composite were improved but the influence of the functionalizing was not statisitaclly significant. The bending strength and elasticity as wellas the izod impact were increased as the higher amount of nanotubes were added to the composite. Scanning Electron Microscopes showed the development of bonding between the composite components. Compostes without coupling agent showed lower bonding strength between polypropylene and fiber as indicated by fiber pull out. However, in the composites containing coupling agent, the fiber fracture was observed

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