Design and finite element simulation of an ultrasonic transducer of two piezoelectric discs


With the developing of ultrasound technology and expending of it’s application scope, new requirements for the structure and the energy radiation of the transducer are presented. A reasonable design and manufacture of the transducer ensures that the energy can be transmitted with minimal loss. Based on the longitudinal vibration equation, a sandwich piezoelectric transducer which can be used in the field of precision machining, medical and other fields is designed and simulated in this paper. Different from the ordinary transducer, the front cover of this transducer is also a horn which can amplify the output amplitude compared to an equal section circular bar. ANSYS15.0 is used to calculate and analyze the transducer model with using HyperMesh (HM) software to generate the mesh to ensure the quality of the mesh. The finite element analysis software can calculate the transducer modal and harmonic response, and the results can be used to compare with theoretical design. The design frequency of the transducer is 20 kHz, the error between the simulation and the theoretical value is less than five percent, the result obtained by ANSYS is very close to the theoretical design

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