Bioethanol Production from Microalgae Oscillatoria sp Cultured in Blue Green 11 and Bold Basal Media


The third generation of bioethanol production, bioethanol converted from biomass of microalgae. Our reserach aimed to produce bioethanol from substrate microalgae Oscillatoria sp. as substrate has been conducted. Oscillatoria sp. cultured in two media namely Bold Basal and Blue Green 11. microalgae Oscillatoria sp. were cultivated in Bold Basal and Blue Green 11 media hydrolyzed substrate, 0.143 mL/g and 0.496 mL/g, respectively. Unhyrolysate microalgae generated 0.018 mL/g and 3.59 mL/g of reduced sugar, respectively. Biomass obtained from Blue Green 11 media and Bold Basal media were 0.676 g and 0.482 g, respectively. Based on HPLC analysis, Oscillatoria sp. biomass contained maltose. Biomass were hydrolyzed by autoclaving in 121°C for 15 minutes. Bioethanol production was conducted by fermentation process using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a microbial agent which applied in hydrolysate and non-hydrolysate of microalgae. Ethanol generated from fermentation was analyzed using gas chromatography. Based on gass chromatography data resulted that hydrolysate of microalgae biomass cultivated in Bold Basal medium and in Blue Green 11 medium produced 7% and 23% ethanol, respectively

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