A minimal U(1)′ extension of MSSM in light of the B decay anomaly


Motivated by the RK and RK⁎ anomalies from B decays, we extend the minimal supersymmetric model with a non-universal anomaly-free U(1)′ gauge symmetry, coupling non-universally to the lepton sector as well as the quark sector. In particular, only the third generation quarks are charged under this U(1)′, which can easily evade the dilepton bound from the LHC searches. An extra singlet is introduced to break this U(1)′ symmetry allowing for the μ-term to be generated dynamically. The relevant constraints of Bs−B¯s mixing, D0−D¯0 mixing and the LHC dilepton searches are considered. We find that in the allowed parameter space this U(1)′ gauge interaction can accommodate the RK and RK⁎ anomalies and weaken considerably the Z′ mass limits while remaining perturbative up to the Planck scale

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