UV Spectrophotometry Method Validation for Quantification of Paracetamol in Tablet Formulations: A Proposal of Experimental Activity for Instrumental Analysis


In the present article it is described the validation of a simple, precise, accurate, rapid and low-cost UV spectrophotometric method for quantification of paracetamol in tablets. The method was linear in the range between 6.4 - 9.6 μg mL-1, presenting a good correlation coefficient (r = 0.9984) and adequate limits of quantification (2.64 μg mL-1) and detection (0.87 μg mL-1). Precision and analysis showed low coefficient of variation (&lt; 4.0 %) and a good average recovery percentual (99.22% - reference and 101.78% - generic) was obtained. The method was applied for paracetamol determination in two tablet formulations and these results are in good accordance with the declared values of manufacturer, at a 95% confidence level. The experimental activity is simple, showing it to be used in experimental activities on teaching laboratories improve student learning. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17807/orbital.v10i7.1330</p

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