Efficacy and tolerance of Arifam in patients with arterial hypertension over 55 years old: main results of the observational program ARBALET


Aim. To assess the effectiveness and safety of therapy with fixed combination of amlodipine/indapamide (Arifam) in outpatients with arterial hypertension (AH) over 55 years old.Material and methods. We included 2217 patients in the observation — 692 (31%) men and 1521 (69%) women. Changes in the course of 3-month therapy of systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP), the frequency of achievement of target BP levels (<140/90 mm Hg), responder rate during the clinical and ambulatory blood pressure measurement were evaluated and.Results. With the use of Arifam fixed combination 89,81% of patients achieved target BP level by the 3rd month of treatment, 73,77% of patients achieved positive response in 2 weeks, 94,88% of patients — after 1 month. According to the selfcontrol data, the target BP level (<135/85 mm Hg) was achieved in 79,47% of patients. The number of patients with pulse BP <60 mm Hg increased after 3 months of treatment to 81,97%. Also 48 (2,17%) patients discontinued participation; 6 (0,28%) patients — due to the development of adverse events.Conclusion. The ARBALET program has demonstrated high efficacy and tolerance of using Arifam fixed combination in outpatients over 55 years old with hypertension

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