Observation of a narrow pentaquark state, $P_c(4312)^+$, and of two-peak structure of the $P_c(4450)^+$


International audienceA narrow pentaquark state, Pc(4312)+, decaying to J/ψp, is discovered with a statistical significance of 7.3σ in a data sample of Λb0→J/ψpK- decays, which is an order of magnitude larger than that previously analyzed by the LHCb Collaboration. The Pc(4450)+ pentaquark structure formerly reported by LHCb is confirmed and observed to consist of two narrow overlapping peaks, Pc(4440)+ and Pc(4457)+, where the statistical significance of this two-peak interpretation is 5.4σ. The proximity of the Σc+D¯0 and Σc+D¯*0 thresholds to the observed narrow peaks suggests that they play an important role in the dynamics of these states

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