Enlarged NH symmetries: Particle Dynamics and Gauge Symmetries


We show how the Newton-Hooke (NH) symmetries, representing a nonrelativistic version of de-Sitter symmetries, can be enlarged by a pair of translation vectors describing in Galilean limit the class of accelerations linear in time. We study the Cartan-Maurer one-forms corresponding to such enlarged NH symmetry group and by using cohomological methods we determine the general 2-parameter (in D=2+1 4-parameter)central extension of the corresponding Lie algebra. We derive by using nonlinear realizations method the most general group - invariant particle dynamics depending on two (in D=2+1 on four) central charges occurring as the Lagrangean parameters. Due to the presence of gauge invariances we show that for the enlarged NH symmetries quasicovariant dynamics reduces to the one following from standard NH symmetries, with one central charge in arbitrary dimension D and with second exotic central charge in D=2+1.Comment: 13 pages, Late

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