Phenomenology from the Landscape of String Vacua


This article is the author's PhD thesis. After a review of string vacua obtained through compactification (with and wothout fluxes), it presents and describes various aspects of the Landscape of string vacua. At first it gives an introduction and an overview of the statistical study of the set of four dimensional string vacua, giving the detailed study of one corner of this set (G2-holonomy compactifications of M-theory). Then it presents the ten dimensional approach to string vacua, concentrating on the ten dimensional description of the Type IIA flux vacua. Finally it gives two examples of models having some interesting and characteristic phenomenological features, and that belong to two different corners of the Landscape: warped compactifications of Type IIB String Theory and M-theory compactifications on G2-holonomy manifolds.Comment: 170 pages; Ph.D. thesis (Advisor: Bobby S. Acharya); added reference

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