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Hybrid Solutions to the Feature Interaction Problem

By Muffy Calder, Mario Kolberg, Evan Magill, Dave Marples and Stephan Reiff-Marganiec


This paper was presented at FIW’03 - Seventh International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunication and Software Systems and published in the proceedings. The published version is available at this paper we assume a competitive marketplace where the features are\ud developed by different enterprises, which cannot or will not exchange information.\ud We present a classification of feature interaction in this setting and introduce an online\ud technique which serves as a basis for the two novel hybrid approaches presented.\ud These approaches are hybrid as they are neither strictly off-line nor on-line, but\ud combine aspects of both. The two approaches address different kinds of feature interactions,\ud and thus are complimentary. Together they provide a complete solution by\ud addressing interaction detection and resolution.We illustrate the techniques within the\ud communication networks domain.Peer reviewedPost Prin

Publisher: IOS Press
Year: 2003
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