Norman Schley


P. O. BOX 77 09 . CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 606BO . 31 2-225 -228B Apr i l 16, 1970 Mr. Sam W. Sloan Executive Secretary Rotary Club of Toledo Commodore Perry Motor Inn Toledo, Ohio 43604 Dear Mr. Sloan: Enclosed you will find the contract for the appearance of Norman Schley on December 20, 1971. Please sign both the original and duplicate copies in the space marked "F IRST PARTY" if the contract meets wi th your approval. You should keep the duplicate copy for your files and return the original copy, signed, to our Chicago office, P.O. Box 7709, Chicago, Illinois 60680. Please fill in the informati on as requested on the contract. I am very sorry the date couldn't be worked out for July 19, 1971, but may I suggest another one of our film lecturers who can tie in an appearance in Toledo on that date for a fee of 200?HisnameisFrankCarneyandhehasthreeexcellentfilms;I SAnArtistSeesSpain","AGrandTourorNorthernEuropelland"SwedishScrapbookl.IamenclosinghisbrochureandasIstatedhewillbeinyourareainJuly.WeappreciatethisopportunitytobeofservicetoyouandknowyourmemberswillenjoyMr.Schleysperformance.Sincerely,PatTitoSecretaryptene.CHICAGOKANSASCITY.DALLASFT.BRANCH,IND••TUSCALOOSATORONTOCONTRACTPROGRAMSINTERNATIONAL,INC.104S.MICHIGANAVE.CHICAGO.ILLINOIS60603CARLETONROGERS.JR.PresidentDateApril16,1970FIRSTPARTY:RotaryClubofToledoSECONDPARTY:PROGRAMSINTERNATIONAL,INC.FirstPartyagreeswithSecondPortytohireandaccepttheservicesofthefollowingspeakerorentertainer(Eoeco;oeciPlctureloque.Inc.present .....nSchl reversesideforadditionalconditionsofthecontracl.)DATEOFPROGRAM:,....,C:JPForthisattraction,FirstPartyshallpaytoSecondPartythesumof200? His name is Frank Carney and he has three excellent films; I~S An Artist Sees Spa in", "A Grand Tour or Northern Europell and "Swedish Scrapbook'l. I am enclosing his brochure and as I stated he will be in your area in July. We apprec iate this opportunity to be of service to you and know your members wi ll enjoy Mr. Schley's performance. Sincere ly , Pat Ti to Secretary pt ene. CHICAGO • KANSA S CITY . DALLAS • FT. BRANCH, IND• • TUSCALOOSA • TORONT O CONTRACT PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL, INC. 10 4 S. MICHIGAN AVE. CH ICAGO. ILLINOIS 606 03 CARLETON ROGERS. JR. President Date April 16, 1970 FIRST PA RTY: Rotary Club of Toledo SECOND PARTY: PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL, INC. First Party agrees with Second Porty to hire and accept the services of the following speaker or entertainer (Eo'ec'o;oeci Plctureloque. Inc. present~.....n Schl~ reverse side for additional conditions of the contracl.) DATE OF PROGRAM:, . --_.--. --•. , 'C :JP For this attraction, First Party shall pay to Second Party the sum of /1: It' n~,-(,.,OIA....,'" to be sent postage prepaid to the above address directly af~be !lttfe6t;~as been concluded . SUBJECT: ,.. HOUR: __________~(~P'~-E=A~SE~F~ll~l~IF~~tV~o=-,/~_____________________________ ~) (Please indicate your time zone, i.e. Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time, and also whether you will be on Standard or Daylight time the dat f the program.) LENGTH OF PROGRAM: -,A~=-=:..:...:.=._=:.-:::.:....:..::...=:....::~ FORMAL OR IN FORMAL DRESS: --LPLEASl FI LL IN) ~If; I-,~~ ... ADDRESS OF AUDITORIUM: ~t.L IN) CeJfl1 I SUGGESTED HOTEL FOR SPEAKER:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_ IT ISFURTHERAGREED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __ CORRESPONDEN T: Hr. Sam W. Sloan , Exec. Secretary, Rotary Club of Toledo Street: COllll1odore Perry Motor Inn Ci ty Toledo, Ohio 43601tp~___ (Telephone) 241 -1060~__________ . area code COPY O F CONTRACT SENT TO SPEAKER:_~~~~~~~~~~~~~_~~~_~ _____ _ _ APPROVED: PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL, INC. FIRST PARTY ~".~ BY:( ----j-'~J / ~ ~. -.. ... _­DA TE: DATE ~1(, 'C/2o o ~ .. .. ::t .. Z ~~\ ­

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